Every major development begins with a vision.

150 years ago Ulm fire-fighter Conrad Dietrich Magirus knew only one goal: Making life safer for himself and his comrades and making it easier to respond to emergencies. He developed the "Ulm Ladder", a two-wheeled extension ladder with a climbing height of up to 14 meters. The ladder is a real revolution. For the first time a free-standing ladder can be climbed and can be moved when extended. This technological revolution earns the Gold Medal at the Vienna World's Fair and begins to conquer the international scene. The name Conrad Dietrich Magirus gains worldwide renown.

Fire brigade oldtimer
Conrad Dietrich Magirus ist ein Pionier der Brandbekämpfung und für Feuerwehrleute aus der ganzen Welt bis heute Vorbild und Inspiration.

Magirus becomes a synonym for innovation.

From the "Elevator-Patent-Ladder", which is erected and extended by means of a winch, to the horse-drawn Petroleum-Motor Pump, all the way to the first self-propelling electric turntable ladder: Again and again Magirus and his company for fire-fighting equipment attract attention with revolutionary new inventions. From 1870 to 1895 the company's products win around 50 gold, silver and bronze medals.


Growth under new leadership.

As founder Conrad Dietrich passes on at the age of 70 on June 26, 1895, his three sons take the helm at the company and continue his life-work. As early as the turn of the century approximately 300 employees work for Vereinigte Feuerwehrgerätefabrik GmbH (United Fire-Fighting Equipment Factory). In 1921 the light pumper on a 1.5 ton chassis, the so-called "Bayernspritze" ("Bavarian Pumper") rolls out of the workshops in Ulm's Söflingen quarter. The earliest predecessors of the tank pumper referred to as the "water wagon" soon follow. In 1925 the company appears with a new company logo: the "M" with the famous tower of the Ulm Cathedral.

Innovation from Tradition.

Magirus stays the course towards expansion with one innovation following the next. Before celebrating the company's 100-year anniversary Magirus presents the world's first welded steel ladder unit for a five-part turntable ladder 34.8 meters high, the highest turntable ladder in the world with 52 + 2 meters climbing height and an elevator as well as the first fire pump with an air-cooled industrial VW engine manufactured in series production. In the 1980s all turntable ladders are equipped with the computer-monitored safety system CC and the fire-fighting vehicle superstructures enable maximum flexibility with AluFire technology.


At the INTERSCHUTZ '94 fair Magirus once again sets a new standard and presents the world's first articulated turntable ladder, allowing precision work in even the narrowest of alleyways. In 2000 Magirus caused a sensation with the first no-swing turntable ladder with CS (computer stabilised) technology. The articulated turntable ladder technology is enhanced in 2010 to include the innovative Single-Extension ladder, which in 2012 served as the basis for  a 42 meter high articulated turntable ladder, the highest in the world.

Conrad Dietrich Magirus - Visionary and wright