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Magirus – 150 years of fire protection technology tradition

The best firefighting vehicles are built by fire-fighters. This fact was known to Conrad Dietrich Magirus, fire-fighter by passion, visionary and founder of our company 150 years ago. In keeping with this tradition, today we at Magirus build the most modern and most reliable fire-fighting vehicles, ladders, pumps and fire pumps. And today many employees at Magirus are trained comrade fire-fighters who know exactly what's needed on the job.


The work of our comrades in fire-fighting services around the world is an inspiration as well as motivation, since their mission is what drives us. This is also the reason why the equipment, vehicles and solutions we develop for our comrades are among the best in the world.


For over 150 years now they have been making fire-fighters' lives easier and their work safer. Today at Magirus fire brigades find a comprehensive range of first-class, reliable fire-fighting vehicles, turntable ladders, rescue vehicles and equipment vehicles, special solutions, pumps and fire pumps.


Magirus currently employs employees at four locations. In Ulm the "Competence Centre for Fire Protection" consolidates the most important processes of the company at a single location. Due to its membership in CNH Industrial with approximately 63,000 employees worldwide, Magirus can rely on a worldwide network with the greatest possible expertise in the area of automotive engineering.

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