Fire brigades around the world trust in Magirus.

There are no second chances in an emergency. That's why fire brigades and disaster protection teams have to be able to rely completely on their equipment. As a reliable partner to fire brigades we at Magirus are active in 150 countries around the world and offer not only first-class equipment, but also a reliable service network to ensure the operational readiness of the vehicles with vehicle maintenance and on-location service.

Expertise on location.

Magirus is a synonym for the best in fire protection technologies. The company currently has four locations.

  • Ulm (Germany)

    With its long tradition, the German city of Ulm is the home of fire-fighting technologies – and the home of our company. The heart of Magirus beats deep in the Danube valley in Ulm. Here the company's most important processes are focused in the new competence centre for fire protection technologies on more than 300,000 m²:

    • Product development
    • Manufacturing (turntable ladders and fire-fighting vehicles)
    • Sales and order management
    • Procurement and logistics
    • Customer service

    This consolidation is home to successful and uninterrupted collaboration, from product development all the way to production. After manufacture the first stop is the on-site test track, where we test our products down to the bone. Fire brigades and disaster protection units can test the vehicles and equipment they order right here on location on the job and can also participate in training sessions.

    Magirus GmbH
    Graf-Arco-Straße 30
    89079 Ulm

    Phone +49 731 408–0
    Fax +49 731 408–2410

  • Brescia (Italy)

    The Brescia site produces in particular airport fire-fighting vehicles, special fire-fighting vehicles and forest fire-fighting vehicles.

    Magirus Italia S. r. l.
    Via Attilio Franchi 23
    25127 Brescia BS

    Phone +39 030 6597 111
    Fax +39 030 6596 268

  • Chambéry (France)

    Magirus Camiva inaugurated its new competence centre for fire-fighting vehicles in April 2015 in Chambéry. With the new 12,200 m² Centre (4,465 m² of which is roofed) in the Rue de Chantabord Magirus offers its customers in France not only the possibility to individualise design, but also to test the vehicles themselves on location. Existing areas such as Sales, After-Sales and Customer Service are being expanded further.

    Magirus Camiva S.A.S.
    686, Rue de Chantabord
    73026 Chambéry

    Phone +33 4 79 75 66 66
    Fax +33 4 79 70 54 40

  • Premstätten (Austria)

    Premstätten has stood for first-class fire-fighting vehicles since 1922. Here Magirus manufacture vehicles for Austrian fire brigades, for South Tyrol and neighbouring Eastern European countries. Magirus vehicles are particularly appreciated for their high levels of quality, flexibility and design, which is individually adapted to suit the regional requirements of the fire brigades.

    Magirus Lohr GmbH
    Frikusweg 8
    8141 Premstätten

    Phone +43 3135 93 122 0
    Fax +43 3135 93 122 900

On location around the world.

Our customer service is just as international as our customers are. Magirus provides outstanding service with central workshops in Ulm, Brescia, Chambéry and Kainbach. More than 100 Magirus service technicians take care of our customer's needs every day. Around the world 60 qualified service partners and Magirus service technicians ensure provision of the best services on location. You'll find additional information on customer service under Vehicle Service.