Magirus and Iveco inform secondary school graduates about vocational training

On September 17, 2021, Iveco Magirus AG, Magirus GmbH and Nikola Iveco Europe GmbH talked to the graduating classes of the Erbach comprehensive school about training opportunities at the future CNH Industrial plant in Ulm. Two special vehicles, the IVECO S-WAY NP Pace Truck and a Magirus LF 10 EC-Line, were parked in the courtyard of the school. In addition to the vehicles, training coordinator Bernhard Geiges, trainees, and demo drivers from IVECO and Magirus were on hand to provide interested students with advice and assistance concerning internships, training, and applications at CNH Industrial.

Two groups of about 35 students each from the school’s ninth grade and one group of 25 students from the graduating class – as well as all students during the long break – could take a closer look at the vehicles the companies had brought along. Students in the final-year classes were particularly interested in talking directly to trainees who are currently in the industrial business management assistant, warehouse logistics, construction mechanics, vehicle paint technician, industrial mechanics, industrial electronics technician or automotive mechatronic technician programmes.

“Informational events like this one in Erbach clearly show how important it is to initiate a dialogue with the younger generation. Many are not aware of the training opportunities available right at their doorstep,” says Bernhard Geiges, training coordinator at Iveco Magirus AG. “We still have a lot of convincing to do, especially with female pupils, because many of them still follow traditional gender roles. We feel that the choice of career should be made independently of this, and as far as possible, according to personal talents and interests.”

“During the school’s main break, younger students also showed interest not only in the vehicles the companies had brought, but also wanted to know about internships for students in their age range, which made us particularly happy,” added Larissa Schmid, training assistant at Iveco Magirus AG.

Training 2022

Iveco Magirus AG, Magirus GmbH and Nikola Iveco Europe GmbH are aware of their social responsibility and will naturally be training apprentices again in 2022 on a similar scale to 2021. The application process for the 2022 training year has already started. High school graduates once again have the option of pursuing dual studies according to the Ulm model.

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