Magirus presents "Next Generation Firefighting" at SICUR, Spain's leading security trade fair

Premiere of the new generation of turntable ladders in Madrid: At the SICUR 2022, Magirus will demonstrate its SmartControl technology for the first time in Spain. In addition, new technological possibilities will be opened up by Magirus' innovative product developments TacticNet mobile tatical network, the Wolf R1 tactical robot and the latest generation of AirCore TAF firefighting robots for effective and safe firefighting.

Magirus stand at SICUR

Light forest firefighting vehicle and M32L-AT NB SmartControl at our Magirus stand

Magirus stand at SICUR

TLF AirCore, AirCore TAF60, Wolf R1 and TacticNet exhibited at our Magirus stand

From 22 to 25 February 2022, Magirus will present its “Next Generation Firefighting” portfolio at the SICUR trade fair and will thus provide an insight into how Magirus' digital technologies can contribute significantly to efficiency and safety in complex and demanding operations. Visitors will have the chance to experience the latest innovations at the Magirus booth 8 F10 and in the outside exhibition area at the IFEMA fair grounds in Madrid.

One of the highlights will be the Magirus M32L-AT NB with SmartControl. With its telescopicing arm, the globally proven articulated turntable ladder opens up areas of application that conventional ladders cannot reach. The new turntable ladder generation with SmartControl represents a further, fundamental step in user-friendliness, precise control and ergonomic operation. The intelligent, particularly intuitive control is carried out via technically and ergonomically redesigned operating elements that ensure precise and safe maneuvering even in the most stressful situations. At the trade show, the intuitive operation can be experienced live via simulator and on M32L-AT NB SC on low profile chassis.

With the presentation of the Wolf R1, Magirus demonstrates once more the significantly increased importance of holistic solutions that, in conjunction with the targeted use of digital technologies, enable even more effective and safe operations. The Wolf R1 is a powerful, flexibly deployable tactical response robot with a completely electric drive. It’s been especially designed to meet the significantly increased requirements of complex, high-risk operations. The tactical robot allows firefighters to stay out of harm’s way in conditions of intense heat, collapse dangers, hazardous materials investigations or poor visibility, while persevering on the spot with complete precision. The high-performance multifunctional robot enables all-round visibility thanks to special camera systems which, thanks to a particularly stable data transmission solution, reliably provide the operations command with live images for situation assessment. Particularly in conjunction with the innovative Magirus TacticNet mobile tactical operations network and drone support, the Wolf R1 creates maximum transparency for mission command and enables a new level of safety.

With the AirCore TAF60 and the debut of the new AirCore TAF35-C firefighting robots, Magirus showcases further products of its leading, innovative line of remote-controlled vehicles. The high-performance robots with a remote-control range of up to 300 m, are irreplaceable for hard-to-reach or high-risk operation, whether in forest firefighting or in danger zones. Both AirCore TAFs are very compact and, with a height of less than 2 m, are ideally suited for operations in underground garages or complex building structures. The particularly efficient turbine achieves an extremely high nebulization effect with a small amount of water and is suitable for water, foam, retarder or gel additives. 

In addition, the TLF AirCore, a special tank pumper for mobile, turbine-aided extinguishing in the field, and the Falcon (CCFL) light and compact tank pumper for off-road operations will be showcased. Both vehicles are representing perfectly the wide range of solutions offered by Magirus to deal with the increasing number of vegetation fires all around the world.

This year, Spain’s important security trade fair sets a special focus on innovation and technological development and is thus showing which fundamental changes in the security industry are currently decisive and will be in the foreseeable future. In-line with this main theme, Magirus' "Next Generation Firefighting" can be experienced live from February 22 – 25, at booth 8 F10. Product demonstrations and simulators will provide a comprehensive and in-depth insight into Magirus' new technologies for safe, efficient firefighting ensuring maximum support for emergency services. Don’t miss to come by!

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