Magirus presents the TLF 3000-W at the Florian

The ideal pump water tender for multiple operations with excellent off-road capability for fighting forest fires.

Climate change is increasingly bringing new demands to the fire department. Vegetation fires are increasing in severity and number, placing particularly high demands on people and equipment for more and more fire departments. Often, the operational locations are difficult to access, water sources are not available or hardly accessible and the permanent unpredictability of the fires, poses an additional danger. Magirus has developed the TLF 3000-W in order to meet these increasing, particularly high demands with a compact pump water fire-fighting vehicle and to provide maximum technical relief for the emergency services.

The Magirus TLF 3000-W has been developed both for fighting vegetation fires and for providing firefighting water, thus combining the off-road capability of a forest fire-fighting vehicle with the suitability of a standard tanker pumper vehicle. The combination of maneuverability and off-road characteristics with high ground clearance and yet low center of gravity, which are essential for fighting forest fires, on the one hand, and the requirements of a standard tanker fire-fighting vehicle on the other hand, particularly distinguish the TLF 3000-W and make it the ideal tanker fire-fighting vehicle for increasingly multiple requirements. The TLF 3000-W complies with DIN 14530-22 and is therefore eligible for subsidies in most German states.

The TLF 3000-W has ground spray nozzles, the cab has a branch protection cage with integrated self-protection nozzles and a roof hatch. An additional breathing air supply with up to four connection options is provided inside the cab.

Despite the compact design, the Magirus AluFire 3 superstructure system provides space for all necessary equipment. All technical solutions result from the requirements and experience gained in real operations. The best and quickest accessibility of equipment and fittings are designed to significantly reduce the workload of the emergency services for maximum focus on firefighting.

Magirus will be presenting the TLF 3000-W and the new, comprehensive "Next Generation Firefighting" product portfolio on the open-air site F5, Stand F-50 at the exhibition. Here, from October 7 - 9, the applications of the new technologies can be experienced up close and live.

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