Major order: Dortmund professional fire brigade converts complete turntable ladder fleet to Magirus

In future, the fire brigade of the city of Dortmund will rely exclusively on Magirus turntable ladders. The major order comprises a total number of 13 M32L-AT articulated turntable ladders, which were handed over during a ceremonial handover of keys in front of the Westfalenhalle.

13 Magirus turntable ladders for Dortmund (© Prochnow)

13 Magirus articulated turntable ladders for Dortmund (© Prochnow)

Ceremonial handover (© FD Dortmund)

Ceremonial handover with K. Appelhoff, A. Dirr, T. Wandel, Magirus Sales team, as well as N. Schilff, City of Dortmund, and D. Aschenbrenner, Fire Department Dortmund (f.l.t.r. © FD Dortmund)

Key handover of the Magirus M32L-AT in Dortmund (© FD Dortmund)

Key handover of the Magirus M32L-AT in Dortmund (© FD Dortmund)

During a small, festive ceremony in front of the Westfalenhalle on Tuesday, representatives of Magirus handed over 13 identical Magirus turntable ladders to the Dortmund Fire Department. In the course of this delivery, Dortmund is replacing all existing turntable ladders for its professional fire brigades as well as one volunteer fire brigade with new vehicles from Magirus. This means that in future the fire brigade will not only have a pure Magirus turntable ladder fleet, but will also use M32L-AT articulated turntable ladders across the board.

Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Aschenbrenner, Director of the Dortmund Fire Department, explains this extraordinary step as follows: "We have discussed things in detail and see decisive advantages in the joint training on a uniform firefighting technology. With around 2,200 professional and volunteer firefighters and more than 150,000 operations per year, it must be ensured that all machinists can handle every turntable ladder perfectly. In addition to the high quality and reliability of Magirus turntable ladders, we also appreciate their ease of operation." The Dortmund firefighters were able to convince themselves of these advantages via a pre-built prototype, which they tested intensively for four weeks.

Norbert Schilff, the 1st Mayor of the City of Dortmund, and Torsten Wandel, Head of Sales Germany at Magirus, were also present at the ceremonial handover of the keys. Torsten Wandel is particularly pleased about the major order for the Dortmund Fire Department: "We are proud to have won this important tender for Magirus. At the same time, it was also an obligation for us to be able to deliver our highly reliable turntable ladder technology for all vehicles to the Dortmund Fire Brigade within one year."

When the city of Dortmund launched the tender approximately one year ago, Magirus was able to prevail against all competitors. In addition to the service and maintenance costs, it was, among other things, the uncompromisingly high qualitative and technical criteria with which the articulated turntable ladders from Magirus were able to convince. All 13 vehicles are built on Mercedes-Benz Atego 1530 F chassis and were completed and delivered in only 12 months after receiving the order.

During the development phase, special emphasis was placed on safe operation, maximum ease of use and multifunctional equipment. The Magirus RC500 rescue cage for 5 persons or 500 kg is equipped with a water and foam monitor with a capacity of up to 2,500 litres per minute as well as self-protection nozzles. Furthermore, in addition to a video support system and the specially developed direct entry with camera, all vehicles are also equipped with the Magirus SkyBeam safety function. With its automatic headlight positioning, it helps to detect possible sources of danger such as overhangs or overhead lines even in the dark or in poor visibility which can also help to avoid a time-consuming repositioning of the vehicle.

The scope of the contract also includes a service and maintenance contract for 10 years for the superstructure as well as the delivery of a Magirus RescueLoader RL500, which has been especially designed for the rescue of obese persons. The RescueLoader thus represents an important support for the emergency services and, thanks to its unique levelling system as well as special transport functions, enables a safe and gentle rescue of persons without any improvisation.

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