New Magirus vehicle handover for the State of Ceará in Brazil

Important visit from Brazil to Magirus in Ulm: A high-ranking delegation from the State of Ceará personally took delivery of three new firefighting vehicles in Ulm, including the highest articulated turntable ladder in the world, the new AirCore TAF35 firefighting robot and an AirCore turbine firefighting vehicle. In addition, a Magirus MultiStar combined vehicle will be delivered to Brazil in a few weeks.

The history of the good customer relationship between Magirus and Brazil goes back almost 110 years. The first firefighting vehicles were delivered to Brazil as early as 1912. Since then, the Magirus brand has become a synonym for turntable ladders in Brazil.

So the team at Magirus was also particularly looking forward to the customer from Brazil. Xavier Moreau, Director of Sales at Magirus, remarked: "Through the already historic use of Magirus fire trucks in Brazil, an extremely trusting and highly valued customer relationship has grown in the meantime, of which we are very proud. We are therefore particularly pleased to be able to hand over the latest generation of Magirus technology for the state of Ceará with the new vehicles."

The delegation from Brazil emphasized the high value and importance of investing in the most modern and reliable equipment. "With the new vehicles from Magirus, the fire department in Ceará is now at the cutting edge of technology for firefighting. This level of safety for our specific needs is particularly important to us", explains the Minister of Public Security of Ceará, Sandro Luciano Caron de Moraes.

For example, the M42L-AS turntable ladder on an IVECO chassis, the highest articulated turntable ladder in the world, was delivered. Furthermore, the new AirCore TAF35 firefighting robot and an AirCore turbine firefighting vehicle, which are ideally suited for the locally specific urban firefighting operations and are also used for fighting wildfires, were handed over to the delegation. In the coming weeks, a Magirus MultiStar will also be delivered to Brazil, which is a unique combined vehicle consisting of a working telescopic mast with rescue cage and a tank pumper.

Firefighting teams in Brazil will now receive intensive trainings on the latest technologies from the local Magirus dealer.

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