Situation reconnaissance and mission monitoring from the air: Magirus launches its own UAV with “M-Eye"

The additional "eye" in the sky provides valuable information for making informed decisions - in real time. In addition, the Magirus drone provides not only firefighters, but also helpers from other rescue and aid organisations with additional safety in the field.

Emergency forces must be able to react quickly and purposefully in emergency situations. This requires a comprehensive overview of the operational area. The use of drones has become an indispensable part of tactical and operational command and control due to the considerable added value they provide for detailed information gathering. In this context, a UAV should not only be seen as selfsufficient, but should be able to be seamlessly integrated into existing networks.

"Thanks to the sophisticated technology of the M-Eye drone, emergency forces have access to high-resolution images and video footage for situation reconnaissance and assessment of the hazardous situation. This not only minimises the risk for the rescue forces. M-Eye enables full integration into the mobile, tactical operations network Magirus TacticNet and is thus an important link between digital systems, people and technology on the ground. Ideally, it can also be used to accompany other unmanned vehicles such as robots like the Wolf R1," explains Marcel Kessler, Product Manager at Magirus.

Technical data and facts

As a powerful quadrocopter with a maximum take-off weight of 4000 grams, the Magirus M-Eye is specially designed for use by authorities and organisations with security tasks. In addition, the drone has a dual RTK navigation sensor that allows positioning accuracy in the centimetre range. In terms of flight time, the Magirus drone is outstanding in its class with a maximum duration of 68 minutes.

In terms of operability, image quality and data transmission, the Magirus drone is also precisely tailored to the needs and applications of fire and rescue services. Further functionalities such as the AI tracking mode, waypoint route planning and the return-to-launch (RTL) function expand the broad performance spectrum of the M-Eye. During development, Magirus relied on its core competencies and the proven cooperation with its renowned partner Alpha Robotics.

Thanks to an additional gimbal attachment, the drone can be equipped with optional extensions such as an additional camera or an LED lighting system. The M-Eye is available as a stand-alone product including a compact storage case.

Full integration into the mobile deployment network

With the help of the TacticNet mobile response network, responders do not have to worry about potential interface issues while using the UAV. With the acquisition of the M-Eye, fire and rescue services are equipped with both hardware and software and can fully rely on the latest technology due to the perfect integration.

The local data storage of the Magirus UAV does not require a connection to cloud infrastructures and can therefore be used autonomously within the operational network. As a result, disruptive factors such as a poor internet connection are excluded. In addition, data security is guaranteed at all times. Any number of vehicles, units and rescue services can be quickly and easily integrated into the Magirus TacticNet network. This makes it possible to strategically expand the reconnaissance area without any problems.

Versatile mission scenarios from forest fires to major emergencies with the Wolf tactical robot and the M-Eye drone

The Wolf tactical robot was specially developed for high-risk missions, such as fighting vegetation fires or hazardous substance spills in industry. The all-electric robot demonstrates its unique capabilities precisely where it is too dangerous for humans. The combined use of the Wolf with the M-Eye offers a highly efficient way of fighting forest fires. The two innovative means of operation complement each other perfectly and ensure that the rescue forces have the best overview as well as an optimal basis for decision making and action.

Innovation and responsibility for the safety of the emergency services

The development of the M-Eye drone is a good example of Magirus' innovative strength. The company thus lives up to its claim of thinking beyond its own products and contributing to the continuous increase in the safety of firefighters and rescue workers.

"As a component of the Next Generation Firefighting innovation portfolio, the M-Eye drone fits perfectly into Magirus' smart product range. In developing intelligent solutions for the first responder industry, we see it as our responsibility to make the use and handling of our products as simple as possible and to support the emergency services in digitalisation," says Thomas Hilse, CEO of Magirus GmbH.

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