WACKER Chemie AG reconfirms trust in Magirus AirCore

The global chemical company orders another innovative fire extinguishing turbine citing efficiency and safety features. The first Magirus AirCore TAF 35 has been in use in Burghausen since December 2015.

Magirus AirCore TAF35 at WACKER Chemie AG

Both AirCore TAF35 at the operating plant in Burghausen, Germany.

Global chemical company WACKER Chemie AG has ordered an additional Magirus AirCore TAF35 for the fire department based at its largest operating plant in Burghausen, Germany. The first fire extinguishing turbine has been in use in Burghausen since December 2015. This second order confirms the site’s confidence in the product. This unit is currently being delivered.

The fire extinguishing turbine mounted on a crawler is a useful addition to WACKER's existing fleet. It can be quickly transported to any part of the extensive plant on a swap-body vehicle. "Not only in terms of safety, the AirCore is a real asset,” confirms Vincenzo Bucci, Department Head of Technology at the WACKER plant fire department in Burghausen.

The AirCore recently demonstrated its strengths during an operation in the summer of 2016 when a fire developed in the chemical production site after the leakage of a corrosive and flammable liquid, which immediately combusted. Initial extinguishing attempts were only moderately successful. However, the fire was completely extinguished mere minutes after the AirCore TAF35 was brought onto the scene.

Efficient operating without endangering firefighters

"We used the remote control to direct the AirCore TAF35 safely to the fire, raise the turbine with the lift arm and – thanks to the built-in camera system – directly targeted the source of the fire, without endangering any firefighters," explains Mr. Bucci. "Water or foam was selectively and efficiently used for direct firefighting. No comparable fire truck on the market can do this." The Department Head of Technology was particularly surprised at the low noise level of the AirCore TAF35. Even at maximum performance, efficient communication amongst the team members was possible.

In the future, the AirCore will be primarily used at WACKER to protect pipeline openings or for incipient fires. The innovative extinguishing turbine makes use of a specially-patented nozzle technology that can spray up to 1,500 liters of water per minute in a fine mist. This protects both the environment and the AirCore TAF35 from the fire, effectively shielding the machine from damage.

The potential for further AirCore deployment at other WACKER Chemie locations in Germany and abroad is under consideration due to their positive experiences: "Burghausen is our biggest plant; this is where we test techniques and devices like the AirCore for later use at other production sites," says Mr. Bucci.

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