100 fire engines for Chile

Magirus gives Chilean fire departments more punch with 100 new vehicles. From order to delivery in twelve months.

After delivering 40 fire engines to the Junta Nacional de Bomberos de Chile one year ago, another 100 vehicles from a second order has now been sent to Chile as well. In the presence of Chile’s Minister of the Interior Jorge Burgos together with the leader of the Chilean fire departments Miguel Reyes, representatives of 45 fire departments gathered to accept their vehicles.

In a country with 18 million inhabitants and great topographic challenges, some 40,000 firefighters – nearly all of them voluntary – ensure the population’s protection. Especially taking into account the major 2014 fire in Valparaiso, the Chilean authorities decided to equip their fire departments with a large number of new and robust vehicles.

They ordered 100 fire-fighting vehicles of the following types:

  • 50x TLF4000 (C4 Semiurbano)
  • 20x TLF4000 All-wheel (C4 Semiurbano)
  • 30x TLF3000 (C5 Forest)

All vehicles are mounted on an IVECO Eurocargo chassis and have large 3,000 or 4,000 litre water tanks and a powerful Magirus MPN230 centrifugal pump. Delivery of the vehicles took place within only twelve months of the order date. 45 years ago, Magirus delivered its first fire fighting vehicles to Chile. Today, the vehicles are an integral part of the street scene in the South American country.

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