125th Anniversary of Conrad Dietrich Magirus’s Death

The city of Ulm, Fire Department Ulm and Magirus remembered the firefighting pioneer and company founder C.D. Magirus with a solemn wreath-laying ceremony at Ulm’s old cemetery.

For the 125th anniversary of the death of Conrad Dietrich Magirus on 26 June 2020, the city of Ulm, the Ulm Fire Department and Magirus commemorated the company founder, inventor, and Ulm citizen. Attending the wreath-laying ceremony at Magirus’s grave in the "Alter Friedhof St. Georg" cemetery were Gunter Czisch, Mayor of Ulm, Hansjörg Prinzing, Fire Chief and Commander of the Ulm Fire Department, and Marc Diening, CEO of Magirus. They were accompanied by a delegation from the city council, the fire department, and the company.

“Without Conrad Dietrich Magirus and his work, our lives would be significantly different today. We are thankful to be continuing and furthering parts of his life’s work and qualities in our own professional and private spheres”, said Marc Diening.

The 125th anniversary of his death is a good occasion to reflect once again on Conrad Dietrich Magirus and honour him as an inspiration and role model for the years to come. As an example for generations of firefighters, inventors, and entrepreneurs as well as for society and volunteer fire departments everywhere, C.D. Magirus brought about lasting changes for the better. These remain an inspiration for many today and will do so in the future.

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