15 Magirus turntable ladders for the Munich Fire Department

Symbolic key handover for 15 4th-generation M32L-AS turntable ladders on low profile chassis. Two RL500 rescue systems for person rescue are now used in the Bavarian capital.

Symbolic Key Handover Munich TTL

Wolfgang Schäuble receives the symbolic key by Marc Diening.

Magirus turntable ladders in front of the Bavaria

Magirus turntable ladders in front of the Bavaria in Munich, Germany. (Pic: © Fire Department Munich)

Handover of the key in front of turntable ladder models

Handover in front of special turntable ladder models.

The Munich Fire Department has recently put 15 new Magirus turntable ladders into operation. The identical M32L-AS turntable ladders are on a low profile chassis. To mark the delivery, a symbolic key was handed over to the head of Munich’s Fire Protection Authorities, engineer Wolfgang Schäuble, at the fire station no. 1 by Marc Diening, Magirus CEO. “Based on this further development of the low-level turntable ladder family we are able to support the Munich Fire Department even more effectively at their missions,” emphasized Marc Diening, while voicing his thanks for the constructive cooperation with the Munich FD.

Low archways and narrow old-town streets as well as increasing numbers of automobiles on the roads often make it difficult for the Munich FD to get to where it is needed. The specific requirements for very compact dimensions and extreme agility are met by the Magirus low-level turntable ladder concept. This vehicle combines high standards of safety, comfort and ergonomics with a total height of 3 meters and a total width of 2.40 meters. "The turntable ladders on low profile chassis guarantee direct, fast access and reliably ensure the rescue of persons in Munich and the surrounding areas," Schäuble pointed out.

The development work initiated by Magirus with the chassis manufacturer IVECO is the basis for the compact dimensions. Compared to a standard Eurocargo chassis in the 16-ton class, the cab is positioned in front of the front axle and is significantly lower. The vehicle's enormous manoeuvrability offers significant advantages when it comes to travel time. Up to a speed of 30 km/h, the rear axle of the vehicle steers independently. A reduced turning circle of approximately 14 m allows simple manoeuvring and significantly minimizes shunting. The turntable ladder for the Munich Fire Department also solves the increased design requirements connected with the Euro VI emission category especially impacting on compact vehicles.

For the turntable ladder configuration, the Munich Fire Department decided on the unique Magirus articulated technology. The M32L-AS has a four-part ladder set with Magirus Single Extension technology. The first ladder section is in the single extension before further ladder sections follow in parallel. Compared to standard turntable ladders, an extended outreach is available for rescue operations.

An articulated arm can lower the RC300 rescue basket directly in front of the cab at the press of a button. The Magirus Direct Entry concept (MDE) facilitates boarding in the basket as well as the attachment of different components such as stretchers, water monitors, chainsaws or additional spotlights to the two multi-function columns. Thanks to the security cameras in the basket and in the pivot of the articulated arm, the operator always has a comprehensive overview, even when a ladder section is angled.

The largest municipal fire department in Germany has relied on the innovative firefighting technology from the Ulm-based company for decades. This collaboration goes back to the late 1970s, with the joint development of a turntable ladder concept that was a true game changer of this time. The requirement profile was short and concise: low, narrow, agile and with utmost operator convenience. In 1980, Magirus delivered 12 turntable ladders on low profile chassis. The Magirus turntable ladder concept convinced. In 1997, all turntable ladders were replaced by the advanced generation. The enormous increase in requirements and task profiles demanded by the FD in the Bavarian capital Munich and the surrounding district will now be met by 15 Magirus turntable ladders with low profile chassis of the 4th generation.

As an optimal addition for the person rescue and the recovery of heavier loads, the Munich Fire Department additionally acquired two Magirus RL500 Rescue Loaders. These enable the conversion of a turntable ladder into a highly specific piece of rescue equipment in less than two minutes. This rescue system has a payload of 500 kg and is mounted at the top of the ladder instead of the rescue basket. Numerous control functions – which can also be managed remotely – are developed precisely for this task and ensure efficient and safe rescue operations.

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