2017 Magirus Calendar

The 2017 Magirus Calendar is now available. The monthly calendar with twelve unique and selected motives illustrates the over 150 years of tradition of Magirus in developing leading technologies in the field of turntable ladders. It has been produced in a limited edition.

Magirus Bildkalender 2017

Twelve selected motives dedicated to the great history of turntable ladder production from the past until today.

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This monthly calendar is dedicated to great history and innovations in the field of turntable ladder of the Ulm based company. Twelve selected motives illustrate Magirus fire-fighting vehicles and technologies: The spectrum ranges from the world's highest turntable ladder up to other milestones in the great history of developing turntable ladder like the low-level design or the hevy duty turntable ladder on three-axle-chassis. Only a limited edition of the calendar has been produced.

Calendar dimensions: approx. 70 x 50 cm, Landscape

15.00 EUR per calender
incl. 19% VAT, packing and shipping costs


The calendar was only available in the official Magirus Shop in Ulm or by pre-paid direct order.

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