22 trainees to begin careers

On 1 September 2016 the next generation of Magirus apprentices started their professional future. 22 young people began their training in seven educational paths. Those interested in commercial and business management careers offered during the following training year can apply until 30 September.

2016 Magirus trainees

The joint group of apprentices in front of the Magirus Excellence Center.

On 1 September 2016, the next generation of Magirus trainees successfully started their professional futures. All in all, 22 young people began their training in seven different educational paths in the Excellence Center in Ulm. In addition to technical occupations such as vehicle mechatronics or electrical engineering, Magirus is again cooperating with the University of Ulm and the DHBW Heidenheim to offer dual degrees this year. After the official welcome by the Human Resources Management and the works council, the new trainees were treated to a special highlight. Instead of going immediately to their training departments, the group first went to Bad Hindelang in Germany. Here, in the youth-educational centre of the youth section of the German Alpine Association (JDAV) a highly varied five-day programme had been prepared for them. The indoor and outdoor activities focused on helping the newcomers get to know each other, engage in team-building and train their communication skills – preparation meant to facilitate their upcoming professional life.

Well trained talent for the future.

A glance at the first joint group photo shows the relatively high number of apprentices in commercial occupations. Training Director Lara Regenauer explained: "The high requirements we place on our vehicles and technologies demand very well trained professionals. Our wide spectrum of products and complex processes also necessitates a high degree of specialisation." Professionals with precisely these sills are hard to find. Regenauer sees it as an opportunity. "By training our future employees ourselves, the high degree of in-house production depth throughout the training period engenders a high degree of identification with the company and its production area." She also indicates another positive trend. "The number of trainees, especially the growing number of female apprentices in technical professions, shows that we remain a popular employer that offers employment opportunities with attractive conditions."

Joint training has many advantages.

Trainees benefit not only from the high level of production depth and an array of challenging and varied tasks, but also the common location with Iveco Magirus AG. This year's class of trainees consists of 20 trainees from Magirus and two from Iveco Magirus. During the training period, however, every trainee has the option of getting to know both Magirus and Iveco Magirus, AG. After graduation, the young professionals have both a broad range of opportunities and very good chances of being offered a position in the companies where they have trained.

Applications for 2017 being accepted now.

The company is again offering young people numerous opportunities for the coming training year. Those interested in the commercial and business management careers or dual degree programmes offered during the 2017 training year can apply until 30 September 2016. As a company committed to a collective bargaining agreement, Magirus offers meal discounts in the factory canteen, health programmes and many further education opportunities. Good grades, manual abilities and enthusiasm for the desired job are some key criteria considered during the selection of future trainees.

Additional tips on the application process as well as information on training opportunities are available in the career area.

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