Bye-bye school, hello job training!

Is it possible to go directly from school to a career - and bypass college? At Magirus, we give motivated pupils access to an exciting, future-proof profession. Learn more about our highly diverse vocational training opportunities and apply by 30 September 2016 for your desired programme, which will commence in 2017!

Vocational training opportunitities at Magirus

At Magirus we give you the chance to start a career with a future. Apply now!

Regardless of whether you're thrilled about technology and want hands-on experience or you prefer a combination of university-level studies and vocational training, at Magirus we can offer you a wide variety of possibilities for your first steps down the career path.

Training with future.

During career training at Magirus we teach more than specialised and interpersonal skills. The medium size of the company makes it possible to closely intermesh vocational training and operations and thus to achieve a high level of practical relevance. Join our team e.g. as 

  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Construction Mechanicer
  • Automotive Mechatronic Technician,  specialising in systems engineering and high-voltage technology
  • Electronics Technician, specialising in operational facilities

Want to go to university?

Do you want to study at university, but still have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of vocational training at the same time? Then a Dual Studies programme could be the right thing for you, e.g. in one of the following dual study programmes

  • Dual Studies (Ulm Model): In cooperation with the Ulm University of Applied Sciences you have the opportunity to graduate with two degrees within 4.5 years. You can graduate in two different vocational training programmes, e.g. as Industrial Mechanic or Automotive Mechatronic Technician. Furthermore, the Dual Studies programme at the university gives you the opportunity to graduate as Bachelor of Engineering specialising in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Industrial Engineering.
  • DH Studies in Business Economics: dual study programme lasts 3 years; graduation  in cooperation with DHBW Dual University of Heidenheim as Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics specialising in Industry

Are you already an active member of a youth or volunteer Fire Department? Perfect! Committed volunteer experience is important to us - but not necessarily required. We are looking for trainees who are motivated and passionate about their work. This is why enthusiasm for the profession is at the forefront of our recruitment process. As a result of our collective bargaining agreements, we offer you daily food allowances in our own cafeteria, wellness programmes and many opportunities for further education.


Please send us your application until 30 September 2016 via e-mail to More information about our diverse vocational training opportunities is available here.

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