#ChallengeMagirus – The Competition

For the launch of the Magirus Instagram Channel there is a special competition. Now it's up to the fire brigades to shoot their own creative #ChallengeMagirus videos.

To start the Magirus Instagram channel, and for the approaching Conrad Dietrich Magirus Awards, the so-called "Oscar of the firefighting industry" – which will be awarded this year in three categories – Magirus is holding a competition. The prize for the first- and second-place winners of the competition will be four tickets to the awards night including overnight stay and a tour of the Magirus plant. Thirteen 2017 Magirus wall calendars will be given away as well.

Magirus presents

The Social Media team at the Magirus Excellence Center has decided to capture the everyday hustle and bustle in a "mannequin challenge". The mannequin challenge is a new viral Internet trend, in which videos are produced with actors standing in place as though frozen – like mannequins. This trend probably started with students from Jacksonville, Florida. It has inspired imitators worldwide, including notable politicians, artists, athletes – and now, Magirus.

Now, fire departments are sought

What we can do, you have done for ages! Convince us with your creative ideas! To win, you must film your own mannequin challenge and make it available to us by link in accordance with the terms and conditions for participation. The conditions for the challenge? Actors in firefighting clothing and a Magirus vehicle or product. The following is necessary to participate in the competition:

  • Posting the video on Facebook in our Magirus chronicle
  • OR Post the contribution on your own Instagram public profile (with link to Magirus and use of hashtags)
  • Subsequently, completion of the application form on the website (don't forget the link to the post!)
  • Acceptance of the terms and conditions

It is not sufficient solely to post the video on the Social Media channels without sending the links in the completed form. All contributions that reach us by 30 December and that meet the terms and conditions will be considered and judged by a jury. Those responsible for the most creative ideas can then enjoy their prizes.

We look forward to receiving numerous submissions!

Terms and conditions for the "#ChallengeMagirus" competition

Participation in the competition initiated by Magirus GmbH (hereinafter referred to as "Magirus") is free of charge. By participating in the competition, the participant declares his agreement with the competition rules. The organiser of the competition is Magirus GmbH, Graf-Arco-Strasse 30, 89079 Ulm, Germany.

Competition and participation

To participate in the competition, the described task must be carried out. The prize consists of 2 x 4 tickets to the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Awards on 27 January 2017, including hotel accommodation in double rooms and a tour of the Magirus plant in Ulm, as well as 13 exclusive 2017 wall calendars.

The competition shall begin on 9 December 2016. Only applications that reach us by 30 December 2016 11:59 pm CET shall be considered. Submissions that reach us after the entry deadline shall not be considered.

Eligible persons

All firefighters (male and female) as well as members of fire departments over 18 years of age are entitled to participate. Employees of Magirus GmbH as well as employees of the CNH Industrial Corporation are excluded from participation, but shall be allowed to appear in videos as participants.

Application / Submissions

The conditions for the challenge are actors in firefighting clothing and a Magirus vehicle or product. The content of the contributions should resemble that of the Magirus video (#ChallengeMagirus), which was posted on the Magirus Instagram Channel. To participate in the competition, the following steps must be fulfilled:

  • Facebook: Publication of the video under the Magirus Chronicle
  • OR Instagram: Publication on the fire department's own public profile (->with link to Magirus and use of the specified hashtags)
  • Subsequent completion of the application form on the website (link to video must be included)
  • Acceptance of terms and conditions

If the contributions are posted on Facebook, these may only be posted in our chronicle – not on the personal page . This is in accordance with the Facebook regulations on competitions. The competition has no connection to Facebook and is in no way sponsored, supported or organised by Facebook.

On Instagram, the contributions may only be posted under your  public profile. Only those who use the specified hashtags are allowed to participate. This action has no connection with Instagram and is in no way sponsored, supported or organised by Instagram.

No questions, comments or complaints concerning the competition shall be addressed to Instagram or Facebook, but directly to Magirus via the e-mail address

Determination of the winner

Decisions about the winning entries shall be made by an internal jury, which will evaluate all submissions and determine the winners. Subsequently, the winners will be notified by e-mail no later than 15 January 2017 and then announced.


The first and second prizes shall consist of 4 tickets to the 2016 Conrad Dietrich Magirus Awards ceremony in the CCU in Ulm on 27 January 2017, including hotel accommodations in double rooms and a tour of the Magirus plant. The winners shall be responsible for their own travel costs. The third to fifteenth prizes are one copy each of the exclusive 2017 Magirus wall calendar. A cash payment of the prize is excluded.

Consent to the terms and conditions

By confirming the statement of consent to the terms and conditions contained in the online application form, the respective participant declares that he has read these terms and conditions and accepts them. Magirus reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition who have provided false information, who have violated the terms and conditions, who have carried out any manipulation or allowed manipulations to be carried out, who do not own the rights to the uploaded videos in full, or who have uploaded videos that could injure the rights of third parties or that violate netiquette. In particular, under-age persons are excluded.

Granting of rights

In connection with the competition, every participant grants the organisers unlimited usage rights to the submitted works in regard to time, location or content. These usage rights shall likewise apply to media coverage of the works (regardless of the type of media, i.e. including print and online media), public relations work and public notification. In particular, this includes the right to reproduce and disseminate the work, and to make it publicly accessible.

Copyright / Privacy rights

The submitter guarantees the organisers that he owns the full rights to the works subject to this agreement (texts, images, graphics, etc.), and that the content is free from all third-party rights, including any privacy rights. Furthermore, the submitter shall release the organiser from any third-party claims upon first request.


Magirus shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages that occur in the context of this competition, or that result from participation  in or execution of the task.

Data protection

Insofar as personal data of participants is recorded, these shall be collected, processed and used solely to implement this competition. All personal data shall be deleted 30 days after the end of the competition at the latest. Only the address data of the winning team shall be used, and solely for shipping the prize/prizes. No data will be passed on to third parties. The submissions can be permanently posted on the Social Media channels of Magirus GmbH. Magirus reserves the irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive and transferable right to reproduce, disseminate, create excerpts and to publish the submitted contributions.

Legal recourse

Submission of a video does not automatically entitle participation in the competition, if copyright, technical or ethical reasons speak against it. The organiser also reserves the right to cancel the competition or exclude individual entries from it. Legal recourse is expressly excluded. German law shall apply. Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be or become invalid, in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

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