Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award supported by renowned fire brigade suppliers

ENDRESS Elektrogerätebau GmbH, Dönges GmbH & Co. KG and LUKAS Hydraulik GmbH in combination with Vetter GmbH, support the internationally renowned Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award.

The Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award pursues the goal of placing the work of firefighters all around the world in the foreground and giving them the special recognition they deserve. For the second successive year, ENDRESS Elektrogerätebau GmbH (Gold Sponsor) and Dönges (Silver Sponsor) companies are co-sponsoring the competition. As the third sponsor LUKAS Hydraulik GmbH together with Vetter GmbH join to support the award as a Silver Sponsor. Together with this year’s finalists they are eagerly awaiting the award ceremony, that will take place on Ulm 27th January 2017.

“Often, people are not aware of all the things that firefighters do to keep us safe. We find it admirable that the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award was created to recognize their efforts. It is a platform for honouring the difficult and important jobs these people do and we are happy to support it,” explains Christian Weissinger, Managing Director of Endress Elektrogerätebau GmbH. The company develops power generators for global markets, including special devices for fire brigades and disaster response. Due to its innovative technologies, ENDRESS has become one of the leading providers for electricity producers in Europe.

System supplier Dönges provides fire brigades with a complete range of devices for their vehicles. The company’s portfolio also includes the custom manufacturing of equipment, tools, warning materials, extinguishing and assistive devices plus illumination products.

In 1972, LUKAS was the first provider to develop a hydraulic cutting device for rescue operations, thus laying the foundation for an entire industry. The rescue device producer Vetter provides fire and rescue services around the world with its equipment, including pneumatic rescue tents and lifting bags.

The three sponsors have supported the entire competition so far- from the announcement, through to the application and evaluation and this will continue until the January award ceremony. At this prestigious event firefighters, important association representatives and experts from around the world will meet, to honor the achievements of the firefighters and to award the “Firefighting Team of the Year”. Also the sponsors will be present and will be cheering the participating teams on.

“The fact that notable sponsors demonstrate their respect for the work of firefighters through their commitment is fantastic. It shows how positively our endeavour to support fire brigades and to raise the profile of their work amongst the general public is received by the firefighting sector”, says Michael Kretzschmar from the competition organizer, Magirus.

Online voters could pick between 10 national and 10 international applications for the “Firefighting Team of the Year” on The “Special Price for Social Commitment” category saw 5 finalists competing. An international high-profile jury of industry professionals, selected the finalists from all applications. These teams were then eligible for online-public vote. A combination of both results – the jury’s and that from the online voting – will decide the overall winners.

The winners will then receive the coveted Conrad Dietrich Magirus statue. The winning teams – national and international “Firefighting Team of the Year” can look forward to a trip to New York City to visit their colleagues at the New York City Fire Department.

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