FDNY Chief welcomes German Junior Fire Department

Winners of the CDMA race through New York on a fire engine.

Deisel meets New York

Winners of the 2014 Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award visit New York.

New York City is a world metropolis. Correspondingly, its fire department has a lot to do. With 221 fire stations and 30 rescue stations, the New York City Fire Department is the largest city fire department in the world. This made it all the more exciting for the Deisel Junior Fire Department from North Hesse – the most recent winners of the Conrad Dietrich Magirus prize – to personally meet FDNY Department Chief James E. Leonard at his main headquarters in Brooklyn.The Deisel Youth Fire Department won the Conrad Dietrich Magirus competition and travelled to the Big Apple as the “2014 Fire Department Team” champion. “We were very happy about this ‘Oscar of the Fire Department branch’,” said Youth Fire Department Monitor Desiree Partosch. But the highlight of the prize was clearly the trip to New York that the ten-member winning team qualified for. “It’s not every day that I’m picked up from the Underground by a New York fire engine and chauffeured through the city,” she says, still impressed.

As far as the daily work of a fire department in a city of 18.9 million inhabitants like New York City goes, Desiree Partosch and her team were more than interested. They accordingly took advantage of this one-time opportunity to talk to their New York colleagues. “It was impressive to see how focussed the US training courses at the Fire Academy on Randall’s Island are,” says Desiree Partosch. Their seven-day programme concluded with a visit to the world’s most modern fireboat, the “Marine 1” as well as the “Fire Zone” in Rockefeller Centre.

Looking for the Fire Brigade Team 2015!

There will be another opportunity to win a trip to New York this year as well. Fire departments throughout Germany are invited to apply for the title of “Fire Department Team of the Year” by sending a description of a mission of their choice. Applications must be received by 18 October 2015. We are looking for examples of courageous rescue operations, exemplary teamwork, classic firefighting missions or innovative strategies – by Volunteer Fire Departments, Professional Fire Departments or Company and Plant Fire Brigades.

Please note that the mission described must have taken place after 30 September 2014. The type, size or technical equipment of the fire department, on the other hand, play no role. For the first time, a special prize for social commitment will also be awarded. “Fire departments are irreplaceable for society and provide great benefit in social terms,” explains Antonio Benedetti, Managing Director of Magirus. The special prize is meant to emphasise and reward this commitment.

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