Future standards – today: The new Magirus EC-Line.

Launched at the Interschutz-Online, Magirus presents the next generation of its Excellence Class. The successful series of fire engines with the latest four-wheel drive chassis and state-of-the-art equipment is available as the LF 10 and the HLF 20.

With its unveiling of the EC-Line 3 at the #INTERSCHUTZonline, Magirus is launching the next generation of its revolutionary Excellence Class, or EC-Line for short. Now offered as the LF 10 (all-wheel drive) tank pumper and the HLF 20 (all-wheel drive) tank pumper, this third generation of fire engines is available for the newest chassis and with state-of-the-art additional equipment that far exceed the standard. The Magirus EC-Line 3 unites convincing performance, maximum quality, and safety. And with short delivery times, the company seamlessly continues the success story of previous EC-Line vehicles.

Intelligently planned down to the smallest element

Powerful and with many carefully designed details, the EC-Line 3 shows what it has to offer, both inside and out. Fire departments can choose from three latest-generation 4x4 chassis from IVECO, MAN and Mercedes-Benz in EURO Vid, along with many optional features. The latest advancements in the Magirus TeamCab include improved entries as well as a 4-seat box facing the opposite direction of travel. The distance between the seating areas has been increased and extra storage compartments above both seat boxes have been added. The result is even more space, comfort, and ergonomics.

The third generation of the EC-Line also convinces with its greatly extended loading capacity, which meets the latest standards. The vehicles additionally include a thermal imaging camera, a powerful ventilation unit, system separators, and a box for unlocking tools. But because preconfigured does not mean prefabricated, all vehicles offer numerous options for individual requirements. Combined with many adaptations based on customer feedback and desires, Magirus has significantly increased the flexibility and attractiveness of this new generation.

EC-Line development

For over 150 years, Magirus has designed, built, and supplied technologically advanced vehicles and solutions for firefighting and emergency services. Naturally, the company has gained extensive experience and knowledge about the solutions that have been implemented particularly well – as well as the primary needs of fire departments. As a result, Magirus developed a completely new approach and premiered the Excellence Class in January 2016 at its Ulm-based Excellence Centre.

To this day, Magirus’s EC-Line stands for the highest quality plus extensively equipped vehicles. Although preconfigured, they have numerous options – at an attractive price. Magirus thus demonstrates that state-of-the-art equipment and technology need not conflict with limited budgets. The sustained success of EC-Line vehicles and extensive positive feedback from fire departments speak for themselves. The company has already received orders for the latest generation of the Excellence Class.

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