German Fire Brigade Association and Magirus honour Conrad Dietrich Magirus

The German Fire Brigade Association met in Ulm on its 165th anniversary. Solemn wreath-laying ceremony in commemoration of firefighting pioneer, visionary and founder C.D. Magirus.

165 years after its founding, the German Fire Brigade Association (DFV) celebrated its anniversary in Ulm on November 9–10, 2018. In addition to the meeting of the Presidential Council, a ceremony at the birthplace of the common forefather Conrad Dietrich Magirus took place in the Magirus plant. Approximately 120 association members, guests from politics and business as well as representatives of the press celebrated the anniversary in the Magirus Experience Center. In his speech, President Hartmut Ziebs emphasised: "Holding this anniversary event in Ulm is, on the one hand, a return to the roots and a tribute to our common founding father Conrad Dietrich Magirus. But it is also a decision to go forward and continue to shape the future together with Magirus."

In the presence of Ulm Mayor Gunther Czisch, DFV President Hartmut Ziebs and representatives of the Magirus company laid wreaths at the tomb of C.D. Magirus in Ulm’s old cemetery.

The beginnings of the German Fire Brigade Association as well as the traditional Ulm company are closely connected with Conrad Dietrich Magirus. The Ulm Fire Department Commander was not only an initiator of and pioneer in the firefighting industry but also a successful founder and entrepreneur. Both the DFV as well as the Magirus company are the result of his efforts.

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