Great Interest in Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award

Numerous fire departments have been applying for the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award 2018. Finalists are competing in the online voting until January 27, 2019. Vote now for your favourite!

Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award Statue

Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award Statue

The application period for the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award is over. Two high-ranking juries of experts have assed all fire department team submissions and pre-selected the entries for the upcoming online voting. This task has been even more demanding because not only the number of applications in all categories has increased, but also the entire range of operation types has been convincingly shown.

“We are very pleased about the great interest of fire department teams and the numerous applications received from many different countries. The high quality of the operations promises a very exciting competition,” says Marc Diening, President & CEO of Magirus, summarising the completion of the application phase. In addition to the increase in the number of submissions, the even deeper commitment of the award sponsors shows the increasing importance of the award.

Your Online Vote counts

Until January 27, 2019, anyone can actively participate in and support his or her favourites under For the “Firefighting Team of the Year”, ten international and ten national missions can be chosen from. In the category "Special prize for Social Engagement ", six teams are hoping for many votes in support of their social campaigns and projects. The winners of the title and the coveted statue will be announced at the festive award ceremony in Ulm (Germany) on March 1, 2019.

Renowned partners support the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award

For the first time, a partner from the UK, Emergency One, could be secured. “Firefighters are available 365 days a year in the service of society and often reach their limits during missions. With the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award, this dedication receives special attention and appreciation beyond national borders. We are happy to support that," explains Mike Madsen, Managing Director of Emergency One, about the sponsor’s commitment as a Gold Sponsor. The company is a leading provider of fire and rescue vehicles and the associated equipment in the United Kingdom.

For the third time in a row, Endress Electrogerätebau GmbH and Dönges GmbH & Co. KG are also supporting the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award. Endress develops power generation units for the world market, including special equipment for firefighting and civil protection operations, and has become the leading provider of electricity producers in Europe. Among other things, the system supplier Dönges furnishes fire departments with complete ranges of devices for their vehicles. The company's portfolio also includes equipment, tools, warning materials, extinguisher and auxiliary devices, tool sets and illumination products.

Vetter GmbH, AWG Fittings GmbH and Lukas Hydraulik GmbH are again among the Silver Sponsors. In 1972, LUKAS was the first provider to develop a hydraulic cutting device for rescue operations, thus laying the foundation for 40 years of experience in global deployment scenarios. The rescue device producer Vetter provides fire and rescue services around the world with specific equipment such as pneumatic rescue tents and lift cushions. As a global provider of firefighting fittings and fire protection devices, AWG Fittings supplies fire departments with sophisticated and innovative products.

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