Instruction for the Magdeburg Fire Department

During a five-day seminar, the Fire Fighter Academy used various deployment scenarios to train the Magdeburg Fire Department in the operation of the new articulated turntable ladder. The development of tailor-made courses is one of the core competencies of the training centre, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

Training Fire Department Magdeburg

Realistic scenarios: Practical training at industrial buildings and wind power plants in Magdeburg.

In early April, the Academy team held a five-day on-site course for the Magdeburg Fire Department. In addition to a two-day seminar for operators, the program also included a three-day training programme in tactical use. All the FD's turntable ladder operators learned specific tactics in connection with the new M32L-AS articulated turntable ladder.

Together with Manfred Haase, the head of the FD Training Department, Markus Irro as responsible trainer of the Fire Fighter Academy developed various operational scenarios in the industrial area at the port as well as in the city centre. All of which were specifically tailored to the new articulated turntable ladder. "It's an enormous practical advantage to use the department's own turntable ladder for on-site operational training," says Markus Irro. "In this seminar, we combined our expertise as a manufacturer with the extensive knowledge of trainers who work with professional fire departments," he continues.

Excellent cooperation in the professional training field

This was not the first time the FD had collaborated with the Fire Fighter Academy for professional training purposes. Since 2012, the Academy team had repeatedly held courses for the FD, and it further intensified this cooperation over the years.

For Manfred Haase conituinty is a key factor. "The tactics seminar was held for the fifth time in a row with the Fire Fighter Academy," explains Manfred Haase. He also emphasises: "We appreciate the excellent cooperation with Magirus. The Academy trainers do outstanding work."

Since last year, the FD's turntable ladder operators have been trained especially by the Academy team. To accomplish this, the scope of the seminar has been extended accordingly. The tactics seminar was expanded to include operational training and now meets the requiremenats of the Association of Fire Department Chiefs in Germany (AGBF).

Academy celebrates 10th anniversary

This year, the Magirus Fire Fighter Academy celebrates its tenth anniversary. Each year, an average of over 1,000 national and international participants participate in Academy courses. From the beginning until today, the goal of its course offerings has been to support fire department personnel in mastering every single bit of their equipment and vehicles so that they will be fully prepared to handle difficult situations. Therefore, sharing knowledge and experience between national and international firefighters and the experienced Academy team is an important aspect of all trainings.

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