Magirus delivers 19 articulated turntable ladders to the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic relies on Magirus articulated technology to equip its fire service. The Ministry of the Interior has again put several of the world's highest articulated turntable ladders into service. Fire departments in all country districts now have Magirus turntable ladders with articulated arms.

In March 2018, Magirus delivered the remainder of the Czech Republic's order for 19 turntable ladders. The Ministry of the Interior's Directorate General of Fire Rescue Service commissioned the vehicles from the traditional Ulm company in April 2017. The total order included two bid packages of articulated turntable ladders. The first package contained thirteen M32L-AS vehicles; the second package contained six M42L-AS units, the highest articulated turntable ladder in the world.

Czech Fire Department impressed by Magirus articulated technology

By the procurement of the articulated turntable ladders the existing vehicle fleet will be modernised while the vehicles will also partially replace the previously used aerial rescue platforms. "Our experiences with the Magirus turntable ladders have been excellent," emphasizes plk. Jakub Nebesář, engineer and head of the department of machines and technical services at the Directorate General of Fire Rescue Service, adding, "Due to the modern articulated technology, we are significantly expanding the operating range and tactical opportunities of our fire departments." He sees the main advantage of the equipment as the better access it provides in difficult areas. The articulated arms reach places behind rooftops or below ground level, or even overcome obstacles such as balustrades.

Together with the VARIO jacking system and the Magirus Safety Peak, this technology represents the entry to a new dimension in this work area. The M32L-AS were built on an Iveco EuroCargo 160E32 chassis. An Iveco EuroCargo 180E32 is the basis of the M42L-AS. Both chassis variants are available with an Allison automatic transmission. Each of the turntable ladders is equipped with a RC300 rescue cage for three persons or 300 kg as well as  a powerful water cannon. In addition, numerous software and ladder control elements extend the tactical applications for fire departments.

All regions benefit from the latest technology

All regions of the Czech Republic will benefit from the modern Magirus articulated arm technology. The six new M42L-AS vehicles will be used by fire departments in Ústí nad Labem, Liberec, Ostrava, Karlovy Vary, Jihlava and Zlín. Of the 13 proven M32L-AS series units, one vehicle each was sent to the Kladno, Karlovy Vary and České Budějovice regions. Pardubice, Hradec Králové, Plzeň, Ústí nad Labem and Olomouc all received two turntable ladders apiece.

After another procurement in 2016, every region in the Czech Republic now has a Magirus articulated turntable ladder. With completion of this order, more turntable ladders than ever before will be used by fire departments to meet the increased safety requirements for the population. The order is yet another milestone in the long-time successful cooperation between Czech fire departments and Magirus.

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