Magirus International Dealer Convention 2016

Magirus invited more than 100 sales partners from over 40 countries to Ulm, Germany for its 2016 International Dealer Convention from 26-28 August 2016. The three-day event at the Magirus Excellence Center focused primarily on practical demonstrations and providing opportunities for dialog and knowledge exchange, together with theoretical product training.

Magirus Dealer Convention 2016

The Highlight of the Dealer Convention 2016: DRAGON X6

The 2016 Magirus International Dealer Convention brought more than 100 dealers and sales partners from over 40 countries to the Magirus Excellence Center. Partners from around the world, including Brazil, Chile, Australia, India and the Philippines, joined many year-long representatives from Germany, as well as from southern, western and eastern Europe at the Convention.

The choice of event location put the 312,000 m² Excellence Center for fire protection, unique around the world, at the participants' disposal. The site was ideal for the Convention's focus on the presentation of the widely varied Magirus product portfolio. Together with provision of theoretical knowledge, practically-oriented product presentations formed the core of the event.

At the winch and foam test track participants not only learned in detail about the fire-fighting turbine vehicle Magirus AirCore, they could also watch the tracked vehicle in action in a number of different mission scenarios. In addition to the pump testing station completed in 2016 with its associated underground water tank, the various Excellence Center test areas also included a foam training section, a winch testing station and a track area for road-rail vehicles. A special highlight for many of the participants was a ride in the airport fire-fighting vehicle DRAGON X6 TEP on the in-house test track, including banked curves.

In general both the company and its guests made a positive assessment after the three-day event. Organizer Andreas Wenzel, head of Product Management at Magirus, summarizes: "During the Convention we further expanded the basis for positive collaboration between Magirus and its partners." In his opinion not only knowledge sharing was important, more than anything dialog and feedback from the partners, as the eyes, ears and heart of the markets, was of particular value. "That's why I'm personally very pleased with the thoroughly positive feedback we received on the format and realization of this event. The motivation and enthusiasm for the company and the Magirus brand were clearly evident on both sides."

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