Magirus launches the Roadshow ‘Experience The Future’

The company is taking the ‘Next Generation Firefighting’ on the road: the highly innovative product portfolio can be experienced up close at several stops in Germany, Austria, France and Italy. The events kick-off will be take place on September 1st in Premstätten near Graz in Austria at the anniversary of Magirus Lohr.

Magirus will be launching its innovative roadshow across Europe from September on. Under the motto "Experience The Future", firefighters and interested trade visitors will have the opportunity to experience a cross-section of the highly innovative product portfolio. In the months to follow, the roadshow will be coming to events in four countries. The initial start will be at the jubilee of the Magirus Lohr subsidiary in Premstätten near Graz in Austria from 01 to 03 September 2022. In the further course, the roadshow will stop at the following locations, among others:

  • 08. - 09.09.2022: Germany, Münster - Fire Expo
  • 21. - 24.09.2022: France, Nancy - Congrès National des Sapeurs-Pompiers
  • 07. - 09.10.2022: Italy, Montichiari - REAS Salone dell'Emergenza
  • 13. - 15.10.2022: Germany, Dresden - FLORIAN

Next Generation Firefighting offers sustainable, reliable technology

The world is in constant flux. In particular, the effects of climate change and trends such as urbanisation present modern societies with ever new challenges. These have a direct impact on fire-fighting and disaster control. Forest and vegetation fires, the growing number of natural disasters as well as constantly more complex situations require new technologies, new approaches and innovative solutions that perfectly adapt to these changing conditions. At Magirus, these are at the heart of the "Next Generation Firefighting" philosophy. This is expressed in a product portfolio which, in the interplay of networking, robotics and the continuous further development of the core range, particularly reflects Magirus' traditional striving for practical, safely deployable and directly available innovations.

Particularly in conjunction with the unconditional endeavor to offer the ideal solution for every context. For example, Magirus translates the latest developments in the field of mature alternative drive technology into practical vehicles that can be used reliably without compromise. Here, the company is convinced that a sensible and context-dependent interplay of different alternative drive technologies is required in order to meet the challenges adequately, safely and sustainably. Engine technology based on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is of central importance in this context. In combination with biogas, it enables completely climate-neutral operation of fire-fighting vehicles.

Presentation of innovations and new products

Magirus' globally proven vehicle technology forms the basis of all the company's future technologies. With the new turntable ladder generation with SmartControl as well as digital systems such as FleetConnect and TacticNet, Magirus demonstrates a product portfolio with intelligent networking of all relevant areas of operation. This digital-innovative evolution has already set new standards for the operational capability, effectiveness and safety of emergency forces. Alongside these, remotely operated vehicles such as the Wolf R1 tactical response robot and the AirCore TAF fire-fighting robot will also play a central role. Special highlights of the "Experience The Future" Roadshow will be the consistent expansion of robotics with new solutions as well as the presentation of groundbreaking innovations and new products - also in the field of personal protective equipment.

Joins us and experience the future with Magirus!

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