Magirus Lohr: Best bidder for turntable ladders

Magirus Lohr to win the EU-wide tender of the BBG for the "supply and maintenance of turntable ladders". In addition to attractive acquisition costs, the traditional Styrian company also scores with favourable service and maintenance costs during the lifetime of the vehicles. The acquisition of turntable ladders for municipalities can now also take place via the best-in-class purchasing partner of the public sector.

The decision has been made: Magirus Lohr was able to prevail with the BBG Bundesbeschaffung GmbH (federal procurement corporation of Austria) with an attractive overall offer. "We are pleased that we convinced with quality and the best price-performance ratio, taking into account service and maintenance costs," says Christian Reisl, Managing Director of Magirus Lohr.

Vehicle purchasing via BBG has proven its worth

Since 2013, municipalities have been able to order firefighting vehicles through BBG. Since September 2021, this has now also been the case for turntable ladders. Because from now on, fire departments throughout Austria can purchase any type and any configuration of turntable ladder via the public sector purchasing service provider within the scope of the option catalogue. Xavier Moreau, Sales Director of Magirus, is convinced that this will help the municipalities: “In the future, the municipalities will save themselves the increasingly complex tendering procedure and associated procedural costs. In addition, BBG determined the best bidder in an EU-wide, open tendering procedure anyway and also offers security in terms of procurement law”.

Best quality at the best price

The basic configuration of the turntable ladders has been agreed with the federal Austrian firefighter associations. Fire departments also have the option of adapting the equipment according to their requirements. Magirus Lohr scores here above all with the know-how of the inventor of the first movable ladder from the parent company Magirus, with mission-proven, high-quality components, detail solutions and more than 150 years of experience. It is precisely this that enables Magirus Lohr to respond to the individual needs of each fire department. "Quality has the highest priority for us, because in an emergency all components must work together perfectly," explains Christian Reisl.

Customer specific design remains

As with every vehicle purchase, special equipment can also be considered for the turntable ladders handled by BBG. In addition to the basic configuration, fire departments can specify their requirements for the special vehicle within the scope of the options available under procurement law: With the help of the options catalog, an individual turntable ladder can be configured according to customer requirements at BBG prices.

Service for fire departments

In addition to trend-setting product developments and innovations, customer proximity has always been a essential part of Magirus' philosophy. The new site in Premstätten offers the best conditions for this. Fire brigades are always ready for action, and so is Magirus Lohr. They accompany the vehicles throughout their operational life. Not only at the logistically optimally located new site, but also through the mobile service teams and the nationwide service partner network.

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