Magirus presents new electric and natural gas-powered fire engines in the iDL series

A CNG-powered (H)LF 10 tank pumper expands the "Innovative Drive Line" series. Following the introduction of small electric fire engines, the company is thus taking the next step in the development of directly deployable fire-fighting vehicles with reliable, alternative drive technology.

At its yearly press conference in Ulm, Magirus is the world’s first manufacturer of vehicles for fire and disaster protection to present a natural gas-powered tank pumper. The company is thus consistently taking the next step in the implementation of environmentally friendly, immediately available fire-fighting vehicles. With its "Innovative Drive Line (iDL)" series, Magirus is transforming the latest developments in the field of mature alternative drive technology into practice-oriented vehicles that can be used uncompromisingly and reliably. While the first CNG-powered (H)LF 10 fire engine is now available for fire departments, many local authorities have been converting their fleets to natural gas-powered vehicles for years, successfully optimising their CO2 emissions. "With the iDL, Magirus is bringing the technically feasible and tactically suitable solution into series production," says Marc Diening, CEO of Magirus, summarising the objectives of the new series.

Environmentally friendly, holistic, efficient

The (H)LF 10 is built on an Iveco Eurocargo "Natural Power" 4x2 chassis with 420 litres of compressed natural gas (CNG) and a fully automatic Allison torque converter transmission. With ranges of up to 300 kilometres or pump operation of up to 4 hours and no compromises in loading, the vehicle fully complies with current standards. In addition, special attention was paid to safety and the CNG installation was comprehensively tested and homologated. The fact that Magirus relies holistically on an application technology that is as environmentally friendly as possible is also evident in the interior of the superstructure. For example, the additional heating for the crew compartment is operated with gas. Furthermore, a new type of hydrogen-powered hybrid power generator as well as battery-powered fans and rescue devices establish the highest possible long-term reduction of emissions as standard.

Trendsetting, reliable technology in series productiona

With its "Innovative Drive Line", Magirus is a pioneer in the series production of environmentally friendly, sustainable fire-fighting vehicles. Magirus's first fully electric fire engine marked the first decisive step on the road to more widespread use of zero-emission fire engines in 2018.

When selecting suitable chassis, Magirus attached particular importance to efficiency and reliability as well as flexibility with regard to the individual bodywork requirements of fire departments worldwide.

KLF iDL successfully in action

Last year, a well-known German manufacturer ordered two of the newly introduced, purely electrically powered iDL small fire engines. The two KLF iDL were delivered seven months after the order was placed and have been providing fire protection at the production site since January. With the emission-free, manoeuvrable vehicles, the plant fire brigade can, among other things, further shorten the time to arrival at the scene of the fire. Taking into account the personnel structure, the aim is to improve damage prevention and prevent possible production stoppages due to fires. Those responsible were particularly impressed by the compact vehicle dimensions of 3,900 mm length, 1,400 mm width and 2,170 mm height and the high payload of the KLF iDL. In conjunction with the emission-free drive, the fire engine can drive deep into the production halls and can also be operated inside buildings.

Powerful, all-wheel-drive HLF iDL complements the multifunctional electric vehicles

In 2018, Magirus presented the HLF iDL, the second electrically powered vehicle in the small firefighting vehicle segment. With a range of up to 110 km, a battery life in pump mode of up to 4 hours and a top speed of 65 km/h, the company is thus supplementing its iDL series with a compact all-wheel drive vehicle with an integrated pump. With 40 l/min at 40 bar and the removable superstructure, the vehicle is powerful and highly flexible. In addition to being used inside buildings or terminals, both small electric fire engines can also be used in inner-city areas such as shopping centres, railway stations, narrow alleys or tunnels.

High demand for immediately available vehicles

With the "Innovative Drive Line", Magirus is once again demonstrating its outstanding competence in the development of trendsetting and sustainable firefighting vehicles. The series provides solutions to the strong demand from cities, municipalities, companies and fire departments for environmentally friendly, operational and economical solutions. It combines powerful, tried-and-tested chassis with alternative drive systems and a flexible design to create an individually configurable fire engine that is available today.

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