Magirus receives 2015 Ulm Marketing Prize

Two coveted prizes in succession: After being acclaimed for its Employer Branding, Magirus has now won the 2015 Ulm Marketing Prize – thus being doubly celebrated for its outstanding marketing performance.

2015 Ulm Marketing Prize for Magirus

Brand relaunch – Magirus charms the jury and wins the 2015 Ulm Marketing Prize.

How can a manufacturer of fire protection technology emphasize its distinctiveness? When unique products alone are not enough, the brand needs to establish a genuine partnership with its customers that gives fire-fighters a sense of true added value.

Over the past three years, Magirus has kept this principle in sight to consistently transform its brand management and thus support the reorganization of the entire company. Magirus is following new strategies in terms of B2B marketing, emphasizing emotional communication that centres on people, particularly fire-fighters. 

As a result, Magirus has been recognized for outstanding achievements with the “Ulmer Marketingpreis 2015”, conferred by the Marketingclub Ulm/Neu-Ulm. Magirus won over the jury with its integrated and precise brand management that spans across all communication channels.

2015 Employer Branding Award – Magirus is the year’s top-newcomer

In early November, Magirus was honored at the University of Neu-Ulm (HNU) with the 2015 Employer Branding Award. This award was granted by professors of the HNU’s Growth and Sales Strategies Competence Centre to credit the company’s good employer branding work and its commitment to maintaining a presence with future professionals at the university. The companies were evaluated according to the criteria “Awareness”, “Sympathy” and “Attractiveness”.

This year, Magirus GmbH was among the prizewinners for the first time. Professors Alexander Kracklauer and Sascha Fabian presented the company with the “Newcomer of the Year” award, which recognizes that fact that the perception of Magirus as an employer improved more strongly than any other companies studied.

Last year, Magirus was honored with the “GWA Profi Award” by the German Association of Communications Agencies.

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