Magirus supplies London Fire Brigade with Europe's highest turntable ladders

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) has ordered a total of 15 turntable ladders from Magirus through the UK distributor Emergency One, three of which are 64 meters high. This means that the London Fire Brigade has the highest turntable ladders in Europe.

Magirus has been supplying fire engines to London since 1905, providing state-of-theart technology and an overall quality standard for which Magirus is appreciated worldwide.

The London Fire Brigade announced plans to upgrade its existing fleet and in July 2017, following the Grenfell Tower fire, it was decided to incorporate three extended height ladder appliances in the upgrade. It is one of the many improvements the Brigade has made since 2017 to equipment, training and procedures to enhance the response to high-rise fires. The M64L turntable ladders are the highest turntable ladders in Europe, standing 64 meters high, and each of these supplied to London is equipped with a lift for the entire length of the ladder set. To ensure the smallest possible turning radius for the vehicles with a length of 12 meters in the densely built-up city, Scania 4-axle chassis with trailing axle were chosen.

For better assessment of a fire situation, cameras with thermal imaging technologies are integrated at the top of the turntable ladders, which also enable live streaming images for incident command. The appliances also have built-in technology that will alert the operator if weather conditions, such as wind, are too great to be able to use the ladders safely at their fully extended height.

Furthermore, 12 standard articulated turntable ladders with a length of 32 meters were delivered in order to improve London Fire Brigade’s ability to deal with high rise incidents.

Xavier Moreau, Director Sales & Marketing Magirus comments: "The configurations of the delivered vehicles for the London Fire Brigade were developed intensively in cooperation with the customer and also Emergency One and finally adapted to the specific needs of the London Fire Brigade. Only the most reliable and modern technology can meet the requirements and the high loads here. We are therefore very proud that the LFB has been choosing Magirus turntable ladders for decades".

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