MAGIRUS: World premiere of connected firefighting technology

„Next Generation Firefighting“: Best possible support for the fire brigades is at the centre of the developments of the new connected products.


With the first digitally connected systems and emergency vehicles, Magirus is starting a new era in firefighting technology. Real-time information ensures transparency and an optimum overview of operations, permanent operational readiness as well as maximum safety, functionality and reliability. With the rollout of the new generation of turntable ladders, Magirus is raising operational possibilities and user-friendliness to a new level.


For more than 150 years, Magirus has stood for innovative, particularly reliable and efficient firefighting technology worldwide – and is now presenting its completely new product portfolio. Magirus presents three product levels that are perfectly user-oriented, coordinated and networked – the products of the “Next Generation Firefighting” as world premieres: Magirus TacticNet, Magirus FleetConnect and the new generation of Magirus turntable ladders with SmartControl. This makes the operations of all forces and the interactions between man and technology more intuitive, easier and more effective than ever before. The objectives of the product developments were to reduce the workload of the firefighters in order to enable them to focus more on the mission, to significantly increase the operational readiness of the entire equipment, to increase safety and to enable the incident commanders to make faster and more accurate decisions in complex operations.

With the new, unique functionalities, incident commanders now have an optimal overview of dynamic situations and complex operational areas in real-time. This enables fast, transparent and precise decisions in on-site planning as well as a networked deployment of all available units and technology. The new solutions can be used and combined in a modular way as needed. The "Next Generation Firefighting" also ensures the permanent operational readiness of vehicles and equipment as well as the safety of the fire brigades.

"With our new product generation, we specifically considered the significantly increased challenges of today and tomorrow that are associated with the highly diverse operations of the respective fire brigade teams. At Magirus, we place particular emphasis on reliable and mission-oriented solutions. This was also the core requirement for our new, particularly robust digital products. Among other things, they are designed to allow for transmitting information in critical operational situations in real-time to all relevant forces. This enables faster and fact-based decision-making by those who are responsible. At the same time, they relieve the firefighters through simple and intuitive controls. And finally, the automatic monitoring of the networked equipment ensures permanent operational readiness," explains Marc Diening, Chief Executive Officer of Magirus.

Magirus TacticNet: More effective operations and faster decisions through visualisation and information in real-time

Magirus TacticNet enables comprehensive visualisation, data transmission and communication in real-time as an WiFi-based, robust and location-independent operational area network for the first time. This includes all information obtained by the deployed vehicles as well as UAV’s and UGV’s. All forces involved in the command and control of operations thus receive a complete and unfiltered overview, even in complex situations.
Particularly in unclear operational situations such as rapidly spreading urban and industrial disasters, extensive vegetation fires or large fires in industrial damage situations, Magirus TacticNet offers a completely new quality of situation assessment and provides an extremely valuable basis for quick, targeted decisions, thus enabling even more successful operations.

Magirus FleetConnect: Significant increase in operational readiness

In firefighting, time is essential with regard to life and health of persons concerned. Permanent operational readiness is therefore of utmost importance for rapid and effective intervention. With Magirus FleetConnect, fire brigades now have access to an intelligently networked fleet that monitors and documents the readiness status of individual vehicles and equipment as well as the entire vehicle fleet.
The complete equipping of vehicles before deployment, the live transmission of relevant vehicle data such as pump pressure or filling levels during deployment are just as relevant examples as automated deployment reports and simplified administration of fleet maintenance and repair.

The new generation of Magirus turntable ladders with SmartControl: Focus on the mission by significantly reducing the workload of the task forces

The new turntable ladder is the flagship product. The new generation of turntable ladders ensures simple, intuitive operation with unique precision on vehicle and equipment level. For example, SmartControl relieves firefighters when using the new generation of turntable ladders in unfavourable conditions such as wind, poor visibility or angled facades with semi-automatic functions and manoeuvres accurate to the millimetre. Thanks to the clearly structured, simple menu navigation and the user interface designed by firefighters for firefighters, control is intuitive and easy even in stressful, dark conditions.

Next Generation Firefighting

The globally proven Magirus vehicle technology forms the basis of all future Magirus technologies. With the new generation of turntable ladders with SmartControl, FleetConnect and TacticNet, Magirus demonstrates a product portfolio with intelligent networking of all relevant areas. This digital-innovative evolution sets new standards for the operational capability, effectiveness and safety of fire brigades. Magirus will continue to follow this path in the coming years, thus providing fire brigades all over the world with the most modern and reliable firefighting technology.

About Magirus

Passion and precision, high-tech and craftsmanship. Since 1864, Magirus has stood for the combination of innovation and tradition - helping fire-fighters all over the world. With a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art and reliable fire fighting vehicles, turntable ladders, equipment and equipment wagons, special solutions, pumps and portable pumps, Magirus International is one of the largest and technologically advanced providers of fire safety and disaster control technology.
Magirus is a brand of CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI); a world leader in capital goods with a broad range of products and global presence.

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