Mobile, turbine-aided extinguishing in the field: Magirus presents TLF AirCore

The innovative, all-terrain tank pumper with the efficient AirCore extinguishing turbine mounted on a lifting device opens up new, previously unavailable possibilities for effective forest and surface fire-fighting.

Arrival Magirus TLF AirCore

TLF AirCore at test track

Magirus TLF AirCore rear view

Premiere for the TLF AirCore: For the first time, Magirus presents the new turbine-aided fire-fighting vehicle to representatives of the press, partners and invited guests on 24 and 25 September 2020. After the unveiling, the new vehicle was shown directly in action on the plant's own off-road test track. The TLF AirCore from Magirus combines the proven AirCore technology on a lifting device with a 3,500 litre extinguishing agent container and a particularly off-road capable chassis and is therefore able to bring the extinguishing turbine with its own relevant extinguishing agent supply to the deployment sites better than ever before. This new type of mobile vehicle adopts and further develops established, field-tested forest fire-fighting solutions from countries such as France and Italy in terms of performance features and equipment.

With a height of around 3.4 metres, a width of 2.5 metres and an overall length of almost 7 metres with a wheelbase of only 3,690 mm, the TLF AirCore is compact and manoeuvrable. The necessary power and traction are provided by an Iveco Eurocargo FF150-32WS chassis with an engine output of 235 kW (320 hp), Allison transmission and the new generation Automatic Drivetrain Management System (ADM system). It complies with the latest emission standards, EURO Vid, with HI-SCR passive exhaust aftertreatment technology. This prevents undesirable cleaning of the exhaust system during operation.

Due to the ideal coordination of chassis, superstructure and extinguishing technology, the TLF AirCore meets all requirements for optimum performance and safety in off-road applications. To achieve the lowest possible centre of gravity, for example, the tank has been lowered, while at the same time attention has been paid to a mass distribution as evenly as possible between the axles. Thanks to a high ground clearance of 390 millimetres with single tyres, the vehicle masters high ramp and slope angles with ease and enables a high fording capacity of up to 860 mm. In addition to the pump & roll function, self-protection nozzles ensure maximum safety for the crew. Included in the extinguishing agent supply are 300 litres of self-protection volume, 3,000 litres of water and 200 litres of foam agent. These are used optimally thanks to the AirCore and its efficient water mist technology. 

The AirCore MFT60-H extinguishing turbine can be raised by up to 800 millimetres and rotated or tilted through 360 degrees using a lifting device. The increased performance of the AirCore with a flow rate of up to 6,000 litres per minute enables maximum throwing distances and high penetration depths in both industrial applications and vegetation fire-fighting. The extensive use of wetting agents is also possible. A new, additional monitor on the AirCore, together with the turbine, ensures that different quantities of water are spread in different directions, thus ensuring maximum flexibility. The TLF AirCore controls the entire extinguishing technology from the protected driver's cab.

Spacious equipment compartments, the CaddiSys NetzMix foam proportioning system, a high-pressure pump and heat-protected pipes round off the vehicle concept. In addition, numerous options such as a tyre pressure control system, winches or an overpressure cabin are available. With the help of a trailer, the capacity of extinguishing agents can be additionally increased, enabling the vehicle to operate autonomously for up to 20 minutes. This represents previously unavailable possibilities for effective vegetation fire-fighting.

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