New dimensions: Largest tank pumper ever built – with road-use permission

Magirus is now shipping its largest tank pumper with authorisation for road use to Kuwait: the TLF 28000. The overall delivery includes eight large-scale tank pumpers as well as five TLF 4000 tank pumpers.

Magirus TLF 28000 for Kuwait

The TLF 28000 is the largest tank pumper ever built by Magirus.

TLF 4000 and TLF 28000 for Kuwait

Besides eight large-scale tank pumpers, Magirus delivers five TLF 4000.

Currently, Magirus is delivering its TLF 28000 tank pumpers to the Emirate of Kuwait. With dimensions of 12 x 2.5 x 4 m (L x W x H) and a permissible gross weight of 50,000 kg, the large-scale tank pumper unites enormous force with exceptional performance. The impressive amount of extinguishing agent it holds makes this giant the largest vehicle ever built by Magirus with road-use permission. Disregarding specially constructed vehicles without road-use permission – it is thus among the largest tank pumpers in the world. The enormous trucks were ordered by the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD), which is currently investing in new tank pumpers.

Large tank pumper for 28,000 l of extinguishing agent

The TLF 28000 is a near-series large-scale tank pumper constructed on the company's own Astra HD9 84.44 chassis (8x4). Both rear axles of the TLF 28000 are powered by a powerful 324 kW (440 hp) diesel engine. The cab is a modified version of the Iveco Trakker cab. It holds three crew members and is additionally protected by a stainless steel front grille. The special superstructure concept with external tanks that cross the rear axle enable intake of up to 27,500 l of water and 500 l of foam compound. To effectively deploy their enormous power, all vehicles also include an FPN 10-3000 centrifugal fire pump (normal pressure 3,000 l/min at 10 bar) manufactured of seawater-proof bronze. A fixed foam-water monitor can be manually operated and has a swivelling foam nozzle.

Order includes five further TLF 4000s

In addition to the eight TLF 28000 vehicles, Magirus will deliver five further TLF 4000 pumpers to the Directorate-General of the Kuwait Fire Department. The TLF 4000 is built on an Iveco Trakker AD190T38H chassis. It has a permissible gross weight of 20,000 kg and engine performance of 279 kW (380 hp). Its special cab form with adapted LED special signalling system has space for six crew members. Four seats in the crew compartment are equipped with fixtures for breathing apparatuses. The front of the tank pumper has a stainless steel bull bar and an electrical winch. The superstructure with roof box includes equipment and technical installations similar to those in the German HLF 20 assistance tank pumper. Moreover, the vehicles have combined normal pressure / high pressure FPN 10-3000 and FPH 40-250 centrifugal fire pumps. Like the TLF 28000, these are bronze pumps. The extinguishing agent tank holds 3,500 l and the foam tank 500 l. In addition, a high-pressure quick attack mechanism is included, housed in the rear equipment compartment. The water faucet attached to the rear of the vehicle is unusual. It is a special feature, which all vehicles in the region have for hygiene purposes.

Custom-built in very large format

With temperatures of over 50°C in the summer, powerful sand and dust storms, extreme changes from dry to humid phases as well as relatively cool winters, fire-fighting vehicles in Kuwait must be able to withstand challenging missions as well as difficult climatic conditions. Tank pumpers for this type of mission profile are therefore customized solutions tailored precisely to these requirements. With over 150 years of experience, Magirus has the engineering expertise and know-how needed to prepare highly specialised, unique vehicles for any mission.

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