New tank pumper for the Ulm Fire Department

The Ulm Fire Department obtains a new Magirus vehicle. Fire Chief Hansjörg Prinzing personally received the keys to the LF 10 fire engine by CEO Marc Diening in the Magirus Experience Center.

LF 10 for Ulm Fire Department

Handover in front of the Magirus Experience Center in Ulm.

The Ulm Fire Department has obtained a new Magirus vehicle. On Wednesday, Fire Chief Hanjörg Prinzing received the keys to the LF 10 tank pumper by Marc Diening, CEO of Magirus. The vehicle handover in the Magirus Experience Center was a further milestone in the long history of Magirus vehicles in the Ulm Fire Department.

Both sides are not only connected by their common founder, Conrad Dietrich Magirus, who established the Ulm Fire Department in 1847 and the Magirus company in 1864. "Regarding the increasing requirements and needs of our Fire Department, Magirus has always offered compelling solutions," said the Fire Chief about the constructive cooperation. "We benefit greatly from the new LF 10 that improves our missions and makes them safer," said Prinzing.

The LF 10 is not only the fourth identically constructed vehicle purchased in the last three years. In the region it serves, the Ulm Fire Department now has altogether ten Magirus tank pumpers with nearly the same superstructure concept. This provides comprehensive and uniform technical conditions and thus ensures, among other things, greater efficiency in the daily work of the thirteen departments.

The crew fire truck presented this week is built on an Iveco Eurocargo 110E25 W with four-wheel drive and a 185 kW (251 hp) motor. Its water tank capacity is 1,200 l. In addition to extensive LED lighting and warning devices, the vehicle also has a hygiene board, a water suction device and an extension ladder.

The crew fire truck replaced a 20-year-old LF 8/6 and will be used in the Einsingen department. Another vehicle for the Ulm Fire Department is already on order from Magirus. The HLF 20 rescue unit fire-fighting vehicle will be handed over in the second quarter of 2017.

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