Next Generation Firefighting – Magirus FleetConnect:

Networking and information exchange in real-time ensure permanent operational readiness of vehicles and equipment


Magirus FleetConnect provides fire brigades with permanent real-time transparency on equipment and appliances. Before, during and after operations, FleetConnect increases operational readiness, supports fleet management and reduces administrative effort by means of intelligent software. Magirus FleetConnect thus enables a new quality of operational readiness.

Fleet and equipment management offer decisive starting points for ensuring maximum operational readiness and safety as well as uptime of vehicles, equipment and appliances. This is where Magirus FleetConnect comes in with complete transparency in terms of vehicle and equipment condition. This allows for the best possible response times in the event of malfunctions or damage and enables the improvement or introduction of maintenance and repair processes for all firefighting equipment.

On the one hand, the networked solution aims at the responsible equipment attendants; on the other hand, all information on tank filling levels and pump pressure of the deployed vehicles, for example, can also be integrated into the Magirus TacticNet operational area network, if required. In complex situations, this provides the incident commander with a reliable and comprehensive overview of the status of all vehicles and equipment deployed and with an essential basis for decision-making for successful operations.

Before, during and after the operation

Magirus FleetConnect allows real-time information exchange between equipment and systems. With the permanent or current status of vehicles and equipment as well as the provision of various functions and services, equipment attendants can, for example, ensure the full potential of the available technology before, during and after operations and relieve the firefighters. Hereby, the gap between firefighter and vehicle including equipment can be reliably closed. Magirus FleetConnect thus offers valuable relief in the challenges and tasks of firefighters in everyday life to ensure constant operational readiness. In addition, the time-consuming administrative effort before and after an operation is reduced to a minimum by FleetConnect operation reports.

FleetConnect covers all phases in the life cycle of the vehicle and supports the equipment attendants in achieving maximum operational readiness permanently and reliably. If required, Magirus as the manufacturer can be integrated into the functionalities of FleetConnect by the user. This not only enables maintenance or repair instructions and remote diagnosis even before a maintenance or damage event occurs, but also the correspondingly early ordering of any spare parts that may be required.

“Magirus FleetConnect ensures constant operational readiness of the equipment, creates control and safety on all levels and thus offers our customers the opportunity to draw significantly more benefit from their current vehicles. This includes, for example, checking the completeness of the equipment, checking the filling levels of water and foam tanks or fuel supplies, and – sometimes life-saving – checking whether breathing protection systems are safely loaded in the vehicle and ready for use. In addition, the integration of Magirus maintenance and repair diagnostics increases the long-term operational readiness, fleet availability and service life of the vehicles," emphasises Marc Diening, Chief Executive Officer of Magirus.

Next Generation Firefighting

The globally proven Magirus vehicle technology forms the basis of all future Magirus technologies. With the new generation of turntable ladders with SmartControl, FleetConnect and TacticNet, Magirus demonstrates a product portfolio with intelligent networking of all relevant areas. This digital-innovative evolution sets new standards for the operational capability, effectiveness and safety of fire brigades. Magirus will consistently pursue this path in the coming years and thus provide fire brigades all over the world with the most modern and reliable technology.

About Magirus

Passion and precision, high-tech and craftsmanship. Since 1864, Magirus has stood for the combination of innovation and tradition -helping fire-fighters all over the world. With a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art and reliable fire fighting vehicles, turntable ladders, equipment and equipment wagons, special solutions, pumps and portable pumps, Magirus International is one of the largest and technologically advanced providers of fire safety and disaster control technology.Magirus is a brand of CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI); a world leader in capital goods with a broad range of products and global presence.

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