Next Generation Firefighting: MAGIRUS TacticNet: Premiere of the innovative solution for tactical mission support

More effective operations and faster decisions through visualisation and information in real-time


With TacticNet, Magirus presents an unprecedented overview of the entire operational area. This gives the incident commander a complete overview of the entire operational area at all times – live and in real-time – and allows for the best possible decisions and the best possible action. The WiFi-based and thus location-independent network also offers the possibility of integrating any number of units and task forces.


Visualisation, data transmission and communication in real-time in complex operations, independent of location and expandable as required – this is now becoming reality with the new, WiFi-based TacticNet operational area network from Magirus. By means of maps, images and HD video material, TacticNet provides incident commanders for the first time with an up-to-date, unfiltered and complete overview, establishes completely new possibilities for tactical command and control, and allows for quick, targeted mission decisions.

TacticNet: The basis for decision-making in complex operational situations

TacticNet's services range from establishing a WiFi-based local network and the provision of livestreams from camera and thermal imaging drones as well as combining map information, images and deployment positions of vehicles and personnel to the map-based selection of units for effective command and control of task forces. Thanks to the integration of a wide range of information sources, the incident commander and decision-makers on all levels have access to all relevant information quickly, comprehensively and even under difficult circumstances such as limited visibility or difficult terrain conditions. On this basis, the right decisions can be made effectively, allowing to deploy task forces and equipment with maximum safety and efficiency.

Tactical tool for fire brigades

The new Magirus TacticNet spans a redundant, robust, local mesh operation area network in which participants are linked together via the monitor in the command vehicle, separate tablets and/or mobile phones. It is location-independent and can be expanded as required. Magirus TacticNet allows to superimpose static maps and dynamic images of the respective operational areas as well as information on the locations and status of task forces and vehicles, for example, and, in future, also infrastructure data. HD video communication provides access to unfiltered live information in real-time for everyone involved in the decision-making chain.

“Thanks to TacticNet, those responsible on-site can decide on the optimal tactics for each operation on the basis of comprehensive, up-to-date and unfiltered information, and can communicate with the task forces on this uniform basis. This is the basis not only for faster, but also for particularly targeted, significantly more result-oriented decisions by the incident commander.
By means of TacticNet, firefighters can be dispatched to new operational areas with pinpoint accuracy and in real-time via route guidance. This can be done both in a time-saving manner with predefined commands and via individual messages. Hereby, we support the operations and decisions on-site in the best possible way," emphasises Marc Diening, Chief Executive Officer of Magirus.

Information-based and targeted

The more confusing and complex an operational situation is, the more important it is to have up-to-date and comprehensive information. Here, TacticNet provides a decisive safety advantage by displaying the live positions of all units and restricted areas, for example: such restricted areas can be directly taken into account in the instructions of incident commanders, thus avoiding danger zones. Particularly in complex situations such as rapidly spreading building fires, extensive forest fires or large fires in industrial plants, Magirus TacticNet offers a completely new quality of situation assessment and provides an extremely valuable basis for quick, targeted decisions, thus enabling even more successful operations.

Next Generation Firefighting

The globally proven Magirus vehicle technology forms the basis of all future Magirus technologies. With the new generation of turntable ladders with SmartControl, FleetConnect and TacticNet, Magirus demonstrates a product portfolio with intelligent networking of all relevant areas. This digital-innovative evolution sets new standards for the operational capability, effectiveness and safety of fire brigades. Magirus will consistently pursue this path in the coming years and thus provide fire brigades all over the world with the most modern and reliable technology.

About Magirus

Passion and precision, high-tech and craftsmanship. Since 1864, Magirus has stood for the combination of innovation and tradition -helping fire-fighters all over the world. With a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art and reliable fire fighting vehicles, turntable ladders, equipment and equipment wagons, special solutions, pumps and portable pumps, Magirus International is one of the largest and technologically advanced providers of fire safety and disaster control technology.Magirus is a brand of CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI); a world leader in capital goods with a broad range of products and global presence.

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