Next Generation Firefighting – the new generation of Magirus turntable ladders with SmartControl

New functionalities and full concentration on the operation by considerably relieving the operating forces


Magirus heralds a new era in turntable ladder performance and operability. Magirus turntable ladders are the backbone of successful firefighting. Performance, reliability and optimal user-friendliness are features of Magirus turntable ladders that are appreciated by firefighters all over the world. With the new generation of turntable ladders with SmartControl, Magirus is taking a decisive step towards intuitive operation and precise manoeuvring, thus considerably reducing the workload of the task forces and enabling them to fully concentrate on their mission.

The new generation of turntable ladders with SmartControl represents a fundamental step in user-friendliness, precise control and ergonomic operation of turntable ladders, thus enabling task forces to focus clearly on the mission at hand. In view of the growing challenges in rescue operations and firefighting, this introduces a new era in everyday firefighting. The intelligent, networked and particularly intuitive control is carried out via ergonomically redesigned controls that can be used precisely and safely even in difficult operational situations, in the dark and with gloves on.

Marc Diening, Chief Executive Officer of Magirus, points out the clear benefits of the new turntable ladder with SmartControl for everyday firefighting operations: "Our new generation of turntable ladders is a milestone in providing the best possible support to the task forces. The operator and the task forces on-site were the benchmark for all developments. Maximum intuitive operability, safe and smooth movements along all axes and manoeuvring of the rescue cage with millimetre precision allow the task forces to fully concentrate on the tasks at hand. This is made possible by our smart and networked SmartControl technology. The controls, newly developed by firefighters for firefighters, enable new missions – supported by intuitive, extremely precise operation even under the highest stress situations or in darkness.”

Magirus SmartControl: Intelligent technology supports during missions

With the newly designed, intuitive controls, the manufacturer also sets a new standard in terms of ergonomics and thus user orientation. The world's first central operating unit specifically developed for turntable ladder use makes the operation much easier. Thanks to the relaxed hand position, the turntable ladder can be operated with millimetre precision even when wearing gloves. The new control programme directly converts the joystick movement into a movement of the rescue cage; for maximum efficiency and safety, individual parameters are automatically calculated by the software.

Relief through assistance functions

A Magirus turntable ladder equipped with SmartControl has significantly higher computing power and thus performance. This system does not only stand for precise control but also supports the task forces with intelligent functions and partially automated processes. In this way, the turntable ladder can also be manoeuvred even in difficult situations, for example in changing wind conditions and on angled facades, with a secure footing and previously unattained precision, accurate to the millimetre in horizontal and vertical direction. Extended assistance functions support the operation also in poor visibility and darkness. This enables the task forces to fully concentrate on the safe and fast rescue of persons or efficient firefighting.

Next Generation Firefighting

The globally proven Magirus vehicle technology forms the basis of all future Magirus technologies. With the new generation of turntable ladders with SmartControl, FleetConnect and TacticNet, Magirus demonstrates a product portfolio with intelligent networking of all relevant areas. This digital-innovative evolution sets new standards for the operational capability, effectiveness and safety of fire brigades. Magirus will consistently pursue this path in the coming years and thus provide fire brigades all over the world with the most modern and reliable technology.

About Magirus

Passion and precision, high-tech and craftsmanship. Since 1864, Magirus has stood for the combination of innovation and tradition -helping fire-fighters all over the world. With a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art and reliable fire fighting vehicles, turntable ladders, equipment and equipment wagons, special solutions, pumps and portable pumps, Magirus International is one of the largest and technologically advanced providers of fire safety and disaster control technology.Magirus is a brand of CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE: CNHI / MI: CNHI); a world leader in capital goods with a broad range of products and global presence.

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