Power meets multifunctionality: Magirus presents the brand-new Wolf R1 tactical robot

Premiere of the powerful, flexibly deployable tactical response robot with a completely electric drive. The Wolf R1 expands Magirus’s product range of robotic vehicles and will premiere at the Civil Protect trade fair in Bolzano.

Magirus Wolf R1 tactical robot

Magirus Wolf R1 tactical robot

Following the successful 2014 launch of the AirCore TAF35 firefighting robot and the 2020 launch of the TAF60 firefighting robot, Magirus is now taking the logical next step in the field of robotic, remote-controlled firefighting and emergency vehicles. The new Wolf R1 has been specially developed to meet the significantly increased requirements of complex, high-risk operations. It combines performance and multifunctionality that are unequalled in this class.

The tactical robot allows firefighters to stay out of harm’s way in conditions of intense heat, collapse dangers, hazardous materials investigations or poor visibility, while persevering on the spot with complete precision. Specialised camera systems enable all-round visibility; robust data transmission solutions ensure that the operations command is always supplied with the latest live images and videos. The all-electric crawler drive with 1,050 Nm torque allows the Wolf R1 to move purposefully and quietly on the most difficult surfaces and to act flexibly, e.g. with the aid of its robot arm.

Its performance is particularly useful for high-risk firefighting, reconnaissance, and security tasks. The operational robot has a tractive force of up to 4 tons and reaches a top speed of up to 15 km/h. Its battery capacity is particularly high and can be easily without tools and almost endlessly extended by means of an exchangeable battery. Furthermore, the Wolf R1 convinces with its intuitive and flexible control via radio remote-controlled visual guidance with a range of up to 150 metres, or alternatively, as command control via a system carrier vehicle with a range of up to 2,500 metres. Repeater can considerably extend the range as well as the field of possible applications. Particularly with Magirus’s new TacticNet tactical operations network and drone escort, the robot unfolds a hitherto unrivalled potential. This opens up a new level of safety and maximum transparency for mission commanders in difficult-to-access, large-scale, munitions-laden areas, forest fires, tunnels, or the reconnaissance of hazardous situations.

With the presentation of the Wolf R1, Magirus once again demonstrates its expertise in the development and provision of comprehensive, holistic solutions for operational practice and, together with the targeted use of user-oriented, digital technologies and comprehensive tactics, enables much safer and more effective operations. At the Civil Protect trade fair from 17 to 19 September 2021 in Bolzano (Italy) and from 7 to 9 October 2021 at the FLORIAN in Dresden (Germany), fire departments, members of the press, trade visitors, and other interested parties will be able to experience the Wolf R1 and other innovations and new products from the “Next Generation Firefighting”, the new generation of firefighting solutions from Magirus.

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