Successful completion of eight turntable ladders for the greater Trier area

Magirus hands over the symbolics keys for eight new turntable ladders with articulated arm to six fire brigades in Trier, Germany. The nearly identical vehicles on Mercedes-Benz chassis are in service at the Fire Departments of Bitburg, Hermeskeil, Konz, Saarburg, Schweich and Trier.

In mid-October, Magirus completed the official delivery of eight nearly identical turntable ladders at the Viehmarkt in Trier, Germany. At an official ceremony, the symbolic keys to the new vehicles were presented to representatives of fire departments from municipalities, the city and the surrounding district. The M32L-AS articulated turntable ladders on a Mercedes-Benz Atego 1529 F chassis are used by one professional and five volunteer fire departments. The procurement phase of one turntable ladder each for the volunteer fire departments in Bitburg, Hermeskeil, Konz, Saarburg and Schweich, as well as three turntable ladders for the Trier professional fire department, was successfully completed at the beginning of the year.

Cutting-edge articulated arm technology

With the M32-AS, Trier and the surrounding area are using the most modern articulated arm technology available. "Our old town has many narrow winding streets and alleys – they are often very difficult to reach and have angled or recessed dormers," explains Rudolf Schönhofen, Department Head of Technology at the Trier Fire Department. "Thanks to the new articulated arm system, we can get to even the most difficult places rapidly and more easily." In addition, the articulated arm technology significantly increases the safety of the crew.

One example: The security cameras in the basket and at the pivot point of the ladder-set always give the operator a complete overview of the situation, even of the articulated ladder. Extensive ladder control functions such as specially developed shaft-rescue functions or the Magirus memory function support machine operators during rescues of persons caught in deep shafts or while digging building facades. The memory function allows an individually defined route to be retrieved as often as needed. Additionally, a load of up to four tonnes at the lowest ladder section is also possible.

RC500 rescue cage and extensive special equipment

The turntable ladders are outfitted with the RC500 rescue cage, which has a payload of 500 kg and can hold up to five persons. Both lateral multi-function pillars on the basket can be used independently – a typical Magirus feature. Depending on the operation, they can be used for water cannons, chainsaws or additional spotlights.

The RS270, a newly developed universal holder for stretchers and basket stretchers, can be mounted on both sides of the basket. Its enormous capacity of 270 kg gives it great flexibility for a wide spectrum of applications. Both can be rotated by 360 degrees. This allows stretchers to be positioned optimally along a facade, even in the most difficult ladder situations.

The Magirus Direct-Entry (MDE) function facilitates boarding the basket as well as attaching the different components to the multi-function pillars. The ladder is automatically raised above the cab at the touch of a button and the cage set down directly in front of the cab with the articulated technology.

Identical technology a key advantage

After acquiring the new Magirus articulated turntable ladders, all fire departments in the Trier area will utilise the same technology. This will be decisive for organising joint operations even more efficiently in the future. Additionally, full-time employees of the professional fire department can also use the training they have obtained on the new turntable ladders when they participate in volunteer operations in the surrounding area. The Magirus Fire Fighter Academy also held tactical training courses on the new articulated turntable ladder with each of the five volunteer fire departments. The joint procurement of eight nearly identical vehicles for the Trier region is a successful example of excellent cooperation among fire departments in regard to fighting fires and providing assistance within and beyond municipalities.

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