Tragic accident in Sinzing (Regensburg district) on 29.07.2022

Technical defect of the involved turntable ladder of Magirus can be excluded at present.

As a report of the “Feuerwehr-Magazin” of 01.08.2022 stated, a tragic accident occurred on 29.07.2022 in Sinzing in the district of Regensburg in Germany during a rescue operation with a turntable ladder. To support the local rescue service in the attempt to transport a 75-year-old obese patient to the hospital, the Lappersdorf Fire Department was called in to assist. During the attempt to rescue the lady through the skylight with the help of a turntable ladder, the accident occurred, which resulted in the death of the 75-year-old.

The turntable ladder is a 2019-built M32L-AT with a RC400 rescue cage and articulated arm from Magirus. Due to the difficult situation, a basket stretcher was used.

We would first like to express our heartfelt condolences to the relatives and we are shocked by this dramatic event. As a manufacturer of fire-fighting vehicles, we are always ready to assume our responsibility and above all interested in contributing 100 % to the clarification of such accidents. In this way, we also want to try to make such incidents avoidable in the future.

In this specific case, however, a technical defect of the turntable ladder can currently be ruled out, according to the responsible senior public prosecutor's office in Regensburg. In the meantime, an expert has been called in to clarify the circumstances of the accident.

The turntable ladder of the Lappersdorf Fire Department is already in use again.

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