Turntable ladder tactics training with M32L-AS n.B. for Munich’s professional FD

In a several day seminar held by the Fire Fighter Academy, professional fire departments trained the practical use of turntable ladders in various application scenarios. Instructors from the professional FDs of Munich and Augsburg saw for themselves how the added value of the new turntable ladder can be implemented through the right tactical use. In 2016, Magirus will deliver a total of 17 new turntable ladders from the same series to both fire brigades.

Last week, the Magirus Fire Fighter Academy visited Munich’s professional FD. In a three-day practical seminar, an experienced Magirus trainer and a tactics specialist provided extensive practical knowledge on turntable ladder use. In addition to theoretical content, the seminar participants were able to immediately implement what they had learned. In the case of the Munich FD, the seminar included detailed practice the use of the low-level M32L-AS turntable ladder. Eight instructors from the Munich FD and four instructors from the Augsburg FD saw for themselves how the added value of the new turntable ladder can be implemented through the right tactical use.

17 new low-level turntable ladders for the professional fire departments

The low-level turntable ladder is a demonstration vehicle that was handed over to the fire departments in 2015. This year, Magirus will deliver a total of 15 new turntable ladders from the same series to Munich. The Augsburg FD will receive two new vehicles. To provide advance training for the fire departments in the use of the new turntable ladders, which feature an auxiliary steering rear axle, the M32L-AS n.B. was used in various application scenarios – among others at the Deutsches Museum, the “Alte Peter” church, in various downtown locations as well as along the Isar River. Tunnels, bridges and narrow city centre streets complicate the access to missions in everyday work. Thanks to their height of ca. 3 metres and total width of only 2.40 metres, the low-level construction of these vehicles guarantees a trouble-free, fast approach and thus, the opportunity for fast rescues. In regard to driving time, the larger steering angle of the vehicle as well as its “crab steering” (diagonal travel) ensure additional practical advantages: greater manoeuvrability and significantly fewer manoeuvring operations. Optimal use of these special vehicle features was an important part of the training.

The great significance of low-level and manoeuvrable turntable ladders for fire departments, especially in urban areas, is quite apparent, as is the fact that such needs will only grow. The Munich FD’s order volume clearly shows this. In 1980, by the way, the Munich FD first ordered twelve low-level turntable ladders.

Are you interested in a turntable ladder tactics training? All information about the seminar program can be found here.

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