White turntable ladder now used in Altenahr

Magirus hands over the general overhauled DLK 23-12 CC presented on the Interschutz.

White Magirus turntable ladder, Interschutz 2015

The DLK 23-12 CC was all in white at the Interschutz in Hanover.

White Magirus turntable ladder, Interschutz 2015 Hannover

Only the ladder set of the refurbish turnable ladder was dark grey.

Refurbished Magirus DLK 23-12 CC, Altenahr

The general overhauled turntable ladder is now in use in Altenahr.

Refurbished Magirus turntable ladder for Altenahr

In red with design elements: This is the ladder at the formal handover ceromony.

At the Interschutz 2015, Magirus showed a completely refurbished DLK 23-12 CC turntable ladder, model year 1996. This vehicle impressively demonstrates how the company can renovate used vehicles in the process known as “refurbishing”. The white turntable ladder with its dark grey ladder set was the eye-catcher in the used vehicle area.

Since then, the ladder has now reached its new destination. The community of Altenahr in Rhineland-Palatinate took over ownership of the vehicle in early September at a formal handover ceremony. For its new deployment site in the Ahrweiler district, the vehicle’s cab and podium were covered with red design elements.

During the general overhaul of the turntable ladder, the podium superstructure was completely renovated and equipped with LED lighting as well as lockable rods on the roller shutters. The ladder set and rescue cage were completely disassembled, reconstructed with new parts and re-painted. The DLK is equipped with an RK 270 CC (fold-back) rescue cage with built-in LED floodlights on the left and right, a multi-function column for holding the stretcher support, and a water cannon. This is supplied by permanently mounted water piping in ladder section 1.

Frank Linnarz, head of training and FF as well as security chief of fire department 2, personally accepted the vehicle at the ceremony after having had completed training at the Magirus Experience Center in Ulm. The used Magirus turntable ladder replaces the previous DLK, model year 1987, – which was not as high as the new one.

Further information or contact with the Magirus used vehicle department is available here.

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