Magirus SkyBeam – more safety for turntable ladder operations at night

The new safety function for Magirus turntable ladders allows immediate hazard detection. The system supports safe and efficient rescue. The first delivery of the new development has been carried out to the Essen Fire Department.

With Magirus SkyBeam

Operation area with automatically activated Magirus SkyBeam

Without Magirus SkyBeam

Operation area without Magirus SkyBeam

Magirus SkyBeam security system

LED working spotlights are pointed upwards in the start or zero position.

Exact positioning of turntable ladders is the first step for a safe and fast rescue. Obstacles like protruding building extensions, overhead lines or even high-voltage pylons pose significant dangers in dwindling daylight and darkness. If these are not seen in time, they can require time-consuming repositioning of the turntable ladder.

The new Magirus SkyBeam security system was developed to handle all of these aspects. Due to the active involvement of several fire departments during the various project phases, Magirus placed great emphasis on meeting customer requirements such as risk minimisation during operations as well as simple and safe handling.

Even before activation of the Magirus VARIO jacking system, up to 8 LED working spotlights on top of the ladder and on the rescue cage are pointed upwards in the start or zero position. This function is automatically activated by insertion of the auxiliary drive. The potential work area above the turntable ladder is extensively and intensively illuminated. This allows immediate detection and identification of possible obstacles or hazards. The working spotlights can be individually controlled via the main control stand or cage control depending on the scenario.

The version with 8 LED spotlights provides the machine operators and firefighters with 33,600 lumens of light output, which corresponds to the front headlamp illumination of 10 modern cars.

With the upcoming delivery of three new M32L-AS turntable ladders on low profile chassis, the Essen Fire Department in Germany will receive this new safety system for the first time. "Team safety is our top priority. High-voltage pylons and overhead lines are a hazard not only in Essen. We have the best situation with the turntable ladders on low profile chassis. Magirus SkyBeam gives our forces, especially at night, an immediate overview of their surroundings so that they can optimally position the turntable ladder and carry out rescues as rapidly as possible," says Sven Tomczak, section manager for vehicles and equipment.

"The Magirus SkyBeam system will be an important criterion for turntable ladder purchases in the future. We already have the first customer inquiries for a possible retrofit solution," notes Magirus Aerial product manager Hans-Ulrich Walter. The real advantage is that during the development of the system, Magirus took into consideration the retroactive implementation of the system in turntable ladders with CS technology. This means that the safety level for firefighters can be increased for both new and previously delivered Magirus turntable ladders.

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