Magirus Fire engines: When you need the greatest safety you can get, there's no room for compromise.

Every single second, somewhere in the world a building catches fire, a major fire breaks out, a roof collapses, a landslide occurs, there is a serious accident, people have to be rescued from countless dangerous situations and the smooth functionality of infrastructure has to be guaranteed.


In situations like these every helper and every response team has to count on their equipment. That's why we do everything we can to make sure each individual product bearing our name is excellent, without compromise. From development, materials and manufacturing all the way to the smallest details in finishing.


Our product portfolio of fire engines includes innovative turntable ladders for every application area, fire engines in all classes, rescue vehicles and logistics, trend-setting airport fire engines, special vehicles for the widest possible variety of requirements and components such as pumps, monitors and proportioning systems. All these products are created in our shop and work together perfectly. This means not only completely harmonised operating concepts, but also quality standards. This lets us not only provide uncompromised quality to response teams around the world, but to give them the greatest possible safety as well.

  • turntable ladder

    The world's number one turntable ladder-maker knows exactly what's needed in an emergency.

    Fire engine

    The best fire engines are only built with a burning passion.

    rescue vehicle

    We don't only serve fire brigades. But all those who protect against hazards.

    Fire pump

    Sometimes you have to think "small" to achieve great things.


Airport fire engines

Extinguishing major fires, saving lives, protecting material goods, preserving infrastructure: The tasks faced every day by fire brigades are challenging enough as it is. If we take all these duties together and try to fulfil them simultaneously, we have something very much like the requirement profile of a modern airport.
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Special vehicles

In the fire-fighting business, standards play a major role. But the individual situations the world's many fire brigades handle and the tasks they perform all vary. Local conditions, individual missions and one-off requirements must always be accounted for. This is precisely why we carry a wide range of special vehicles.
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