Gigantic performance and flexibility in one: The Magirus SUPERDRAGON X8 perfectly illustrates the outstanding strengths of the Dragon concept and the power of a giant. Extinguishing major fires, saving lives, protecting material goods, preserving infrastructure: For complex tasks at large modern airports, the SUPERDRAGON X8 is always the first choice due to its outstanding capabilities. With a permissible gross weight of 52 tons, it carries a giant payload.

Depending on requirements, it is available with wheelbases from 4,050 and 5,050 mm. Its extensive reserves can be used for larger extinguishing agent capacities up to 17,000 l water tank plus foam and powder or for more fire-fighting equipment. The SUPERDRAGON X8 can be precisely adapted to local requirements in regards to its extinguishing technology and the cab design. Crews of 3, 4 or 6 fire-fighters are possible as well as placement of the driver's seat on the left, right or centre.

Standardized parts and components are used for all vehicles in the Dragon series. This standardisation makes production significantly more efficient, replacement parts more easily available and also facilitates the training of crews.


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Technical datasheet Magirus SUPERDRAGON X8 TEP SWB
Technical datasheet Magirus SUPERDRAGON X8 TEP SWB (English)
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Technical Datasheet Magirus SUPERDRAGON X8 TEP LWB
Technical Datasheet Magirus SUPERDRAGON X8 TEP LWB (English)
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