Magirus FIRE

The Magirus FIRE 1000 portable fire pump (TS 10/1000) provides fire brigades a pump which is exemplary in both form and function. Based on its successful predecessors, a portable fire engine has been developed which not only represents the look o the 21st century but which above all fully satisfies the tough every day demands of fire brigade operation.

  • Pump output

    Pump output

    at 3 m suction height (geodetic): 1,000 l/min at 10 bar according to DIN EN 14460
    1,480 l/min at 10 bar
    1,780 l/min bei 8 bar
    2,019 l/min bei 5 bar
    at 7.5 m suction height: 1,050 l/min at 10 bar
    1,150 l/min at 8 bar
    2,400 l/min free-wheeling
    Closing pressure: 16 bar
    Test pressure: 25 bar

Facts about Magirus FIRE to be seen and heard:

  • Hugely successful 4-cylinder in-line engine with 54 kW (74 HP) at 6,000 rpm
  • Due to optimum oil lubrication the pump can be operated on extreme sloping grounds, e.g. embankments
  • Two-stage centrifugal pump resistant to dirty water, dry-running, water hammers and temperature fluctuations, made of corrosionproof light alloy, pump shaft made of stainless steel
  • Proven for decades: Magirus Primatic pump sel-priming system
  • Exceptional silent running, only 81 dB (A) noise level at nominal speed - to use without ear protection also inside the vehicle's body (optimally e.g. with TSF-W)

Information material

You will find more information about the portable pump here.

Technical Datasheet Magirus FIRE 1000
Technical Datasheet FIRE 1000 (English)
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