Evolutionary in every respect: The new design of the Magirus turntable ladder.

Thousands of Magirus turntable ladders are being successfully used throughout the world. This success is guaranteed by their mature and technically unsurpassed construction combined with exceptionally intelligent and reliable technology.

Not only can a turntable ladder be optimally deployed – it can also be equipped with outstanding ergonomics for more convenience when rescuing persons, extinguishing fires or providing technical assistance. Many design elements on the ladder sets round off the overall impression, create a harmonious appearance and ensure the successful symbiosis of safety, ergonomics and elegance.

Magirus turntable ladders support fire brigades with practical details:

  • Optimised equipment space
    New design equipment space

    The equipment space behind the cab has been optimised to provide 20% more storage space for expanded loads. An optional third entry to the equipment space offers perfect use of space and ergonomics.

  • Improved ascents
    New design ascents

    Ascents to the ladder set are designed with secure, ergonomic stairs and large handrails for maximal safety. If desired, rear folding ladders for convenient, ergonomic ascent are also available.

  • Newly designed vehicle stern
    New design vehicle stern

    The newly designed vehicle stern combines function with warning elements. Protected by a transparent cover, a strip of warning lights extends across the entire rear width to secure both the vehicle as well as the LED floodlights. Both supporting control panels have covers that protect them from dirt and moisture.

Innovative lighting concept

Powerful anti-glare LED lighting units provide additional security, even at night. This ensures continuous, shadow-free lighting over the entire superstructure length. Generous LED interior lighting in equipment spaces guarantees safe removal of all gear. Optionally, the entire platform area can be furnished with "Magirus Edge Light" safety lighting. This is built into the bottom profile and cannot be tripped over – for maximal safety.

The better the workplace, the better the performance.

The main control panel has been completely re-engineered to meet the ergonomic aspects of operations and now features new or extended functions.

New design main control panel
  • The newly designed heated seating area is larger. Crews can comfortably sit even in full firefighting gear.
  • The angle of seat inclination (up to 20°) is automatically set depending on the ladder angle. Adjustments for individual requirements can be made at any time.
  • The oil pressure switch is connected with the seat platform and follows its movement. This guarantees the same distance between the seat and pedal at all times for considerably better ergonomics.
  • The control display swivels into its working position at the touch of a button and can easily be operated with one hand. This plus the newly arranged operating levers and microphone once again increase overall ergonomics.

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