Next Generation Firefighting by Magirus

Whether climate change, urbanisation or digitalisation: we rely on our innovation to answer the biggest challenges of our time. The growing frequency of forest fires, floods and storms are creating more challenging conditions for fire departments and firefighters. That‘s why we are ringing in a new era in firefighting and disaster management. With almost 160 years of experience with turntable ladders, pumpers, industrial firefighting vehicles and airport fire engines, we have the expertise and the experience that helps fire departments on a daily basis, around the world.

We are transferring this expertise into the future. Magirus is facing the megatrends of our time with Next Generation Firefighting - ensuring safe and efficient firefighting for the future, today.

Innovative and versatile like your operations

Every operation is unique, but there are always ways we can improve vehicles, equipment and technology in the future. Magirus‘s digital solutions offer decisive advantages even today, especially with respect to the safety and efficiency of firefighters. Fast and reliable availability of information and full transparency in communication is the basis for a better evaluation of the situation. Next Generation Firefighting offers intelligent operations management, networked firefighting vehicles and effective robots to comprehensively support firefighters.

  • Solutions for vegetation fires by Magirus

    Solutions to fight vegetation fires and for operations away from paved roads

    Emergency forces remain outside the danger zone, while our robots and vehicles persever on the spot with utmost precision.

    Digital Solutions

    Digital system and fleet management by Magirus

    Networked solutions & fire-fighting vehicles bundle manpower, conserve resources and offer maximum efficiency, safety and reliability in the field.

    Innovative DriveLine (iDL) by Magirus

    The unique series of environmentally friendly, sustainable fire-fighting vehicles from fully-electric to CNG powered pumpers.

Ready to go. Ready for tomorrow.

Safety and reliability are our priorities not only in the field, but also when planning. Next Generation Firefighting is the future standard of firefighting technology, today: a broad portfolio of innovative products and networked solutions built on our experience for the demands of tomorrow. Digital operations and fleet management, networked turntable ladders and fire engines, remote controlled firefighting and response robots, modern drone technology: Next Generation Firefighting opens up new possibilities for safe and efficient firefighting in urban and industrial environments as well as off-road. With our solutions, vehicle fleets can be comprehensively digitally organised. If required, our alternative drive concepts enable climate-neutral operation. Our smart systems bundle manpower, conserve resources and offer a maximum of effectiveness, safety and reliability in the field.