Magirus Innovative Drive Line (iDL)

With its "Innovative Drive Line (iDL)" series, Magirus is a pioneer in the series production of environmentally friendly, sustainable fire-fighting vehicles. The iDL series provides solutions to the strong demand from cities, municipalities, companies and fire departments for environmentally friendly, operational and economical solutions. It combines powerful, tried-and-tested chassis with alternative drive systems and a flexible design to create an individually configurable fire engine that is already available today.

Environmentally friendly, holistic, efficient

Magirus's first fully electric fire engine marked the first decisive step on the road to more widespread use of zero-emission fire engines in 2018. In the same year, the company presented the HLF iDL, the second electrically powered vehicle in the small firefighting vehicle segment. In 2019, CNG-powered (H)LF 10 tank pumper expanded the Innovative Drive Line series.


When selecting suitable chassis, Magirus attaches particular importance to efficiency and reliability as well as flexibility with regard to the individual bodywork requirements of fire departments worldwide. Various models and vehicle types are already available and in service today.

Magirus Innovative Drive Line - Trailer

Information material

You will find more information about the various Magirus Innovative Drive Line vehicles here.

Datasheet Magirus (H)LF iDL - CNG
Technical Datasheet Magirus (H)LF iDL - CNG (English)
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Datasheet Magirus HLF iDL - Electric
Technical Datasheet Magirus HLF iDL - Electric (English)
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Datasheet Magirus KLF iDL - Electric (English)
Technical Datasheet Magirus KLF iDL - Electric (English)
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