The Magirus FireBull

The forest fire incidents of recent years have shown the high demand among fire and emergency services for effective and technically mature solutions. This is precisely where the Magirus FireBull comes in: It transports high payloads with minimum ground pressure over the most difficult terrain, ensuring maximum extinguishing power, and safety for the emergency services at the same time. The tracked fire engine combines efficient AirCore extinguishing technology, flexible superstructure options and the all-terrain PowerBully chassis to form a fully developed solution for use in vegetation fires.

Powerfull crawler chassis meets flexible superstructure and highly efficient extinguishing technology

The Magirus FireBull tracked fire engine combines the highly efficient AirCore extinguishing technology, our flexible superstructure options and the all-terrain PowerBully chassis from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG to form a fully developed solution for optimum use in vegetation fires.

  • Chassis characteristics

    Chassis characteristics

    Chassis: Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG, PowerBully 18T
    Engine power: 231 kW (310 HP)
    Emission standard: Stage V / Tier 4f
    Speed: ca. 13 km/h
    Gross vehicle weight: 30,000 kg
    Ground pressure (at maximum total weight): 0.300 kg/cm²
    Climbing performance chassis: 31° (60 %)
    Maximum chassis inclination (transverse to slope): 21° (40 %)
    Fording depth: 1,400 mm
  • Cabin
    Also available with double cabin

    ROPS / FOPS certified

    Optionally available:

    • Double cabin
    • Air conditioning
    • Auxiliary heating
    • Overpressure/filter system
  • AluFire superstructure
    Modular AluFire superstructure

    Our modular and highly flexible Magirus AluFire3 equipment storage system offers extensive possibilities for optimal customisation based on the individual needs and requirements of fire brigades and rescue services worldwide. These are some standard features of our FireBull:

    • Volume water tank: 9,000 l
    • Volume foam tank: 1,000 l
    • Pump capacity: 2,000 l/min at 10 bar
    • Magirus HMI control panel for intuitive operation

    The continuous interior, ambient and roof lighting ensures safe and consistent illumination at each site of operation.

  • AirCore turbine

    AirCore turbine

    Power: 25 kW (shaft power)
    Operational pressure water: max. 16 bar
    Water flow: variable adjustable
    - Mode for fine water mist (nozzle head and ring): up to 1,500 l/min
    - Mode for high water flow: up to 3,500 l/min at 16 bar
    (monitor and nozzle ring) up to 3,000 l/min at 13 bar
    Angle of inclination: -19 ° up to +43 °
    Angle of rotation: 360 °
    Throwing distance:
    - with fine water mist mode (nozzle head) up to 60 m
    - with central monitor up to 80 m
    Airflow infinitely adjustable 60,000 m³/h* / 105,000 m³/h
    * Net air flow rate through the turbine.
  • Further options

    Selected options available for the Magirus FireBull are

    • Telemetry
    • Larger tank capacities
    • High-pressure pump
    • Special cabin features like overpressure/filter system

    Further equipment and options are available on request. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Advantages and benefits of the FireBull

The Magirus FireBull tracked fire engine on caterpillar chassis is a worldwide unique, production-ready combination for the use in wildfires.

  • Our proven AirCore water mist technology enables efficient firefighting and humidification of the vegetation as well as high penetration depths into the vegetation.
  • The transport of high extinguishing agent volumes with minimum ground pressure is one of the key challenges when it comes to impassable terrain.
  • The FireBull ensures safe intervention in challenging terrain, peat fires, ground fires, smouldering fires or swampy areas.
  • Thanks to the Pump & Roll mode, a C coupling at the front, its self-protection nozzles and heat protection on the underbody the tracked fire engine offers maximum safety for the crew.

Information material

You will find more information about the Magirus FireBull tracked fire engine here.

Datasheet FireBull - Tracked Fire Engine (English)
Datasheet FireBull - Tracked Fire Engine (English)

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